Bought a laptop from currys, around the power button the temperature is very hot, I hear the fan come on once or twice but they dont come on for a long time.

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Found 12th Apr 2009
It is still under guarantee but I would like to fix it myself (without invalidating the warranty) if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


Are the vents clear of dust? I wouldn't attempt to fix it if it is still under guarantee though. I have the opposite with my Compaq - the fan hardly ever goes off

Do you have have a button on your laptop with an image of fan blades on it (mine is next to the power button).
This is to enable power saving mode when using baterry power( the fan will only run at a preset this mode). Try pressing this once to see if it makes any difference, you should also have a fan shaped indicator light to show what state it is in, light on for constant cooling (the fan may also be quieter in this mode as mine is). Good luck with getting sorted As Prdikeusi said if it still isnt fixed after trying these fixes get it done under the Guarantee.
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