Bought a locked android phone from CEX, unlocked it and then discovered what is likely a pre-existing fault. Will they replace ?

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Posted 25th Nov 2016
Now I should be clear from the start here, I've bought many things from CEX over the years so I unlocked this phone fully in the knowledge that it would invalidate the warranty.

I was *not* expecting to find out that it potentially has a pre-exisiting problem.

If the person I bought the phone for rings me from the mobile (which is a Motorola Moto G), I can't hear them - when they speak i hear very, very brief snippets of what sounds like their voice, but i also hear what I can only describe as a 'rushing air' type sound. the thing is, they can hear me clearly apparently.

they can send and receive text messages just fine as well, and primarily use the phone as almost a "texting device", so this is largely why we have only just discovered this problem.

Obviously we need to take it back to CEX and get them to look at it. The relevant T's & C's are this ..

c) The CeX warranty sticker has been broken.

This warranty does not cover damage or failures which result from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, faulty installation, improper maintenance, and improper voltage supply, interference from or with other Electronic devices, alteration, maladjustment of customer controls, improper modification (such as mobile phone sim-lock removal), firmware flashing, bios flashing or service by anyone other than a CeX approved agent.

If there's an actual hardware issue here with the phone microphone, would this essentially supercede the "improper modification" clause?
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