Bought a USB Mini Fridge off Ebay. Does not cool drinks anymore? :(

At first it cooled a drink averagely as you would expect as it can only fit a can inside it. But now it's hardly cooling anything and the metal plate barely feels cold anymore. What should I do? It was described New when I bought it and it wont cool anything now. ebay number here incase you want to look.... I've never demanded a refund before off ebay so how should the precedure go? 220393152738


Hi, contact the seller and tell them whats happened, they did unfortunately say that they won't accept returns, but you should try convincing them.

You've got no chance, it's a private seller, and as such, it's Buyer Beware.

You have no rights at all in this case. Throw it away and move on.

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I have sent them a message this


I bought this from you on the 19th April. When I first opened it the Fridge was fine and it cooled a drink averagely as expected. Now to this date you can barely feel the metal plate where it cools the can and it will not cool a drink no matter how long you leave it in there. I've tried diffrent USB Ports (Laptop, Home Computer, Playstation 3) None of which have cooled it to the date. I'm afraid I'm going to have to request a refund on this as it would be considered faulty. Please can you get back to me on this matter as soon as possible.


I hate it when this type of stuff happens :x

If it was me id just bin it and forget it you said it worked when you got it so the seller didnt really miss sell they will prob be as suprised as you that its broke but on ebay you dont get the guarentee you would get from a shop thats the risk you take at least it was only over £5 could of been worse

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Firstly don't go in demanding a refund, I know your unhappy it's stopped … Firstly don't go in demanding a refund, I know your unhappy it's stopped working, but going in head first making demands will make things a lot harder for yourself.It looks like a novelty gadget type item, I imagine if you have been using it quite a lot it's probably not upto the job and has failed, it's only USB powered after all.Contact the seller explain what happened and as what they are prepared to do, if they are not forthcoming you can open a SNAD dispute through PP, ONLY AFTER talking to the seller first. PP will ask you to return it at your own cost if they rule in your favour.

True, Urghh,.

Okay we'll see his reply about it. Thanks for the information about the SNAD Dispute Claim.

best to give a chance to rectify, sometimes items ar faulty, with no one to blame

you go through paypal and lodge a claim, but by time you post it back it'll prob end up costing you more...

if you return it, send recorded delivery...

go to ebay/community and ask on the Q&A boards, the people on there are fab
and will help you a lot

I agree youd have to send it back recorded delivery to get anything from PP, therefore leaving you out of pocket

PP will ask for the recorded delivery ID number to check the seller gets it back before refunding

It's not SNAD though. It was working, and the OP has admitted that, until it broke. How did the ebay seller know it would break?

Sorry, but if you had bought it off me, i'd be telling you where to get off. It's the same as buying something off the guy in the pub, or from a car boot sale.
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