Bought an EE mobile, need help with unlocking and more?

Found 17th Dec 2016
I recently received the P9 lite from EE and would like to unlock it but when I turn the phone on all I can see is the Emergency Calls only message and I can access the rest of the phone, do I need some kind of activation by EE first or is there another way to get the unlock code screen to come up?

Any help greatly appreciated as I'm trying to get it all done before Christmas and I'm not too familiar with the procedure although I am googling to try and find an answer.


1) Go to the EE website and register your phone.,

2) Ring them and request unlock code .

3) They will email it to you but takes up to 10 days (mine took 7)

4) Put a Non EE sim in your phone and it will ask for unlock code.

Enjoy ...great phone

PS if you cant wait it costs £3.50 here…ial

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The thing is I've entered a nano sim and when I turn the phone on there's no screen asking for sim unlock code?

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weird, are you sure you have the sim the correct way round....

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Well I got a message about receiving settings from virgin but of course its still locked, I wondered if there's a way to get the unlock screen another way, I'll try again but if it didn't work first time then its looking worrying.

I would say its not reading the sim , make sure its round the right way (i put mine in wrong once took me hours to relize) if its correct maybe try another sim ....

or maybe put sim in without switching the phone off
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I'll give it a shot but as I say I think it wouldn't prompt the virgin settings if it weren't the right way.

Does it absolutely have to be registered on the ee site?

Will try without phone off too, just seems worrying the unlock code screen isn't showing like everyone seems to get.
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No the only way to get the unlock screen is to put another sim in and its all automatic from then on.

So as said it seems to not be reading the sim, IIRC it took me a few goes because I cut the sim down myself and had to move it slightly for the phone to find it

where did you get the unlock code from

Whoa found it ... Virgin uses EE so its not excepting it as a non EE card, so it will not ask for unlock code, so no need to unlock if you are with virgin
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Virgin piggy back off EE signal, so you shouldn't need an unlock code it should just work

I am guessing its saying emergency calls only if you either have no credit or have not activated the sim

Just say yes to the virgin message to accept settings and you should be good to go....

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I think you could be right.

I recently bought a phone which came with a virgin nano inside, I'm on o2 but kept the nano anyway so it was perfect to use to see if the p9 needs unlocking but as you say the old virgin sim could just be deactivated, maybe of I can find out the number of the old simcard I could ask virgin to reactivate it to enable me to test it out and confirm it works in the p9 lite.

If EE allow virgin without unlocking that'll be great, I didn't buy a code yet just wanted to make sure it required unlocking first.

Is there a hash code to get the number of your sim as its not in the about phone section, it just says unknown for the virgin nano sim.

Is Vigin sim activated? I think thats why it did not ask for unlock code.

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Is Vigin sim activated? I think thats why it did not ask for unlock code.

I'm assuming the one I was testing was deactivated as no unlocking code is asked for and I didn't own it previously, unfortunately I cannot use the sim which will be used in it until Christmas.
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