Bought an SSD from CEX.... it wasn't blank! What should I do?

Posted 12th Sep 2017Edited by:"TehJumpingJawa"
I bought an NVMe SSD from CEX, and it still has a complete Windows 10 install on it along with personal information of the previous owner.

All I've extracted so far is their name & email address, though if I had malicious intent there's probably a whole lot more on there.

No doubt this has come about because most CEX stores don't have the capacity to test, or blank, NVMe SSDs.
Though their T&Cs do state they blank all disks prior to resale...

What do you think I should do?

  • Contact CEX and tell them they suck
  • Contact the previous owner to tell them how much CEX suck
  • Report CEX to Trading Standards, as having trading practices that violate their T&Cs and more importantly their customer's privacy. (Though after CEX's recent loss of personal information to hackers, I guess this would be considered small-fry.)
  • Blank the SSD (potentially destroying evidence of wrong doing!) and not worry myself with other people's misfortune.
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