Bought beds from the Co-Op Bed Shop in September...

    We purchased bunk beds at the end of September with the thought of doing the girls bedroom for Christmas, just opened them to build them and there is no slats with it, Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Waiting on them phoning me back, they're searching the warehouse to see if they have any, even tho they are currently selling the same bed I bought in blue, so I guess we'll see.

    Really could do without this as its the oldest's birthday on Wednesday, talk about a stressful time.

    If worst came to the worst and they couldn't get me slats does anyone know roughly what size they are? Was looking on B&Q's website at the timber.


    im sure they will send them if they have the same ones in stock? mither em til they find them for you and send them 24hr courier!

    its not a silentnight bed is it? if so call their cs and they will send you a set. fantastic cs at silentnight.


    My sons have broken the wooden slats on their beds before & the local timber merchant has cut replacements quite cheaply. Just measured them & they seem to be in imperial so bear with me as I'm a metric person but the slats are 2½" wide & ½" deep & there are about 14 of them on the single bed, but the size & quantity will obviously vary bed to bed.

    Good luck though, seriously

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    Thanks sigma, was more worried about how they they need to be.

    And no deek its an Ashcraft one, the beds are so beautiful that I want to keep them but at the same time dont want to have paid £140 for a frame with no slats lol.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, the girl said if they can find me a set they can have it to me for Wednesday.

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    Just a quick update for anyone who read, they are going to send me a set that they have in the warehouse for the other set of beds, then when the manufacturer opens again get a set from them for the ones they have left.

    She said it should be here on Wednesday so keep your fingers crossed for me.

    oh good hope its sorted xx
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