Bought DVD recorder from Asda, took it home and it has no remote or manual or dvdrws

Strange, the sellotape around it looked like the original and the cardboard wasnt torn(a normal sign of more being put on) when opening the box the item looked like it hadnt been removed from box in past, and considering it took me about 10 minutes to get it back in box in end and damaging the foam protectors it says a lot.

The item looked untouched apart from the RF out being dented, and the missing remote and manual

I cant even test if the item is good for what I want it for.

Annoyingly Asda told me I cant just go in and collect a replacement remote I have to take the whole lot back and they have to send it back to manufacturer and I will be given another new one.

But the problem there is I dont have a car so means I will have to spend £3 going to town just for that and about an hour of my time.

At least I was flirting to the young woman on the phone and she kept giggling(I know what she looks like as she was the one who sold it to me)

Best of a bad situation eh.

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People sound different on the phone, maybe it was the sour faced old biddy and she was on her tea break... :lol:
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