Bought something off of ebay (DSLR lens) and....

    Although the box looks legit etc English is not the main language on the box. There is English on the box. also looks like chinese or some other languages too.

    Its a canon IS 55 - 250mm lens. I think its genuine, but it seems to be from Malyasia (made in Malaysia)? Does that matter? Do you think may be fake? Any idea how to find out if real?


    Grey import perhaps? Should be ok as I believe canon have worldwide warranties

    Canon do make their budget lenses in Malaysia,

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    I dont understand what grey import means?

    Nothing wrong with grey imports if you're prepared to take the risk with the guarantee, they're not somehow inferior quality items which the term might imply.
    In fact, and this may sound controversial, quite a few of my 'grey' purchases from HK sometimes appear to be better quality samples than official uk stock - perhaps a lot of the Friday afternoon made stuff is sent here

    As mentioned by others the warranty won't be a problem. I had a chat with a Customer Services chap in the Canon Repair Centre HQ -- he said that Canon realise people buy cameras and components from lots of different sources and they'll always uphold warranty repairs on Canon products no matter from where they're bought.
    My 55-250 lens was probably a grey import or separated from a twin lens pack as it came in a plain white box but there were no problems when I brought it in for calibration.
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