Bought used car with bad paint work job from hpl motors where do I stand???

Found 17th Mar 2013
Bought a car on saturday , had viewed twice and also had family members view too!!! all seemed great!!! part exchanged my own car and paid £4000+ towards the new one ( including paying for 12 month guarantee)
When I got home noticed above wheel trim a paint job that wasn't the same colour and bubbly ! Rang up straight away and was told by sales man to ring service manager to see what he says on Monday as was shut until then ; (
Nightmare !!!!!
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Why is it a nightmare...you haven't spoke to the manager yet..do that first oO
I'm a born worrier ! Xx
Same thing happened to my friend at Car Giant, paid contracts, finance all done. On collection I noticed the door colour was a total different white to the rest of the car. Before we drove off we demanded that something was done, they offered to get the car fixed for free. We demanded a different car and they said that was fine too.

A word of advise, always make sure you check the car in daylight, this could also mean driving it to a petrol pump which is will lit to inspect the car.

When you speak to them tomorrow, say to them its unfair a big company like you, trusted them also on their site

it says they check the bodywork, if this wasn't fixed or highlighted as a issue when purchasing the car tell them to do 1!
Thanks for your advice will let u know how it goes tomoz x
You viewed it twice plus your family members viewed it too eh? Once you have spoken to the service manager, I suggest you get yourself and your family down to specsavers!! oO

On a serious note, if you don't get anywhere, give trading standards a call to see what they can do and where you stand.
Hahaha yep and viewed it when it was daylight ; (
Vicki - can you give us an update just curious on the outcome from HPL manager
If its the HPL Motors in Prestwich or Atherton near Manchester they have a far from good reputation in the motor trade from what I have heard from ex customers,me personally I would of bought a car from some other motor dealer.But I hope you get things sorted out.
Rang up service manager he said he doesn't deal with paint work ect and that the sales rep will need to see to my problem and apologised !
So rang sales rep , he asked me to go down with car while and his manager looked at it !
Drove 27 miles , sales rep assessed the paint job got his manager to look at it , was told that they will book car in for whole day at the body work shop and as they have shortage of courtesy cars I can use the sales reps car for that day ! He said he will ring me to let me know what day he can fit car in so fingers crossed ! Xx
Had second opinion on car it has already had spray job at the rear of the drivers side feel so dis appointed in hpl on there website it clearly says" provides information relating to any accident repair work for the vehicle ! "
I'm gutted! X
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