Bourbon biscuits

    What is the difference between the basic ones and the slightly more expensive ones. They seem to look and taste the same to me. So why would anyone buy the ones that cost more?


    I do agree when it comes to cheaper alternatives some things taste just as good if not better but not sure I would agree with Bourbouns some cheap ones taste just nasty and the good ones aint exactly £10 a pack..

    Probably nothing, or could be quality of ingredients. A lot of people dont realise the crap that goes into cheaper food
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    paying for the name!

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    What name? I didnt know you could buy brand name bourbons.


    paying for the name!

    They probably all come from the same factory, for instance MS digestives are McVities.

    They pay for the packaging, but I don't eat that.

    Brand snobbery.

    Don't they add more sugar in the cheaper ones? I'm sure I watched a programme before where they said that they just add more sugar into cheaper products to make it taste "nice" as sugar is a cheap ingredient. So why Coca Cola is so expensive beats me!

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    Yea, Tescos value and Tescos.


    Have you never noticed it says what company makes them on the packet oO

    I don't think sugar is cheap. Palm oil is something they put in iirc


    Bourbon biscuits are awesome, cheap or otherwise!

    I always buy Smartprice ones. 23p per pack and taste exactly the same as the 70p ones!

    All bourbons are created equal, just some are more egual than others.


    less equal=
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