Bourne Ultimatum - go watch it!

    Just watched the movie, and it's typical Bourne, chases, fights and a great film, just what i was hoping it would be :thumbsup:


    Matt Damon


    (Damn it, this won't let me type in caps!)

    i need to see the first two

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    and so you should add-man

    1st 2 are great!!!



    i need to see the first two

    what you not seen 1st two :w00t:

    I hated it after they killed the hot Franke Potente(spelling?) in the second. I never forgave the franchise lol

    lol i preffered 1st to the second though, first was much cooler (that pen in the hand :w00t:
    I reckon i might've preffered 1 because when i watched two i was also writing an English essay??

    still ace set of movies though, look forward to ultimatum

    Im too busy watching Back to the Future constantly

    (only joking)


    haha i wathched blood diamonds and thought that was good

    Veeeery coool, just this second got back, very good movie along with the other 2.

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    Not normally a fan of You Tube, but there is a link to the amazing fight scene from the Ultimatum.

    Clearly, don't follow the link unless you wanna have the film spoilt but for those who've seen it, they'll appreciate it i am sure

    Meant to be the biggest action film at the moment, gets some good reviews

    Great film

    I think it starts off a bit unsatisfying, lots of action centered around a journalist who could of emailed bourne without much difficulty. But, around the point Nicky comes back it gets fantastic.

    It's worth paying the £6 to just see Nicky bloody crack a smile for once.

    Can't wait to see this fil, loved the first two and I just hope this, although probably, won't the be the last, we all love Jason Bourne!

    Looking forward to seeing this too and hope it's at least as good as the second one. The first is the best so far I think ;-)

    really enjoyed it, after to hours of "action camera" shaking around when i went to make a cup of tea i felt the need to jolt around to make it feel more intense. most exciting tea ive ever made

    you think the director kept pushing the camera man? or he was just drunk from the night before

    this was a good film

    I saw Bourne 3 three weeks ago, and it's probably the best film of the year so far - it follows on immediately from the end of Bourne 2.

    I also caught it at the cinema yesterday ;-)

    Before anyone asks how I saw it three weeks ago, I couldn't possibly comment.

    Incidentally, one of the most popular searches on Google at the mo is "Bourne Ultimatum Torrent" whatever that means?

    Watched this last night, and a great end to the Trilogy.

    Liked the way they referred back to parts in the second movie, and again the fight scenes and car chases were top notch!

    Defo gonna be waiting for the trilogy box set to come out to purchase!

    For anyone interested in starting to read the books, you can ge the first one free from The Times, link below: -…er/

    This has also been posted in the Freebies section (should of looked there first lol!)


    haha i wathched blood diamonds and thought that was good

    Good film & acting by LD.
    Thought Bourne 1 and 3 were better than the 2nd.Good film thats always got something going on.:thumbsup:


    As they say....2 good films, and another good film
    gotta agree with snake 1&3 are the best
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