bowling ball urgently needed for child

    hi guys, i really really need your help, my son who will be 4 nxt sun is a physco when it comes to bowling, so we are having a bowling party (makes sense ) anyways he keeps asking for his own bowling ball everytime we take him bowling, so we thought as a bday prezzie we would get him his own ball for his party.... simple... well so i thought I CANNOT FIND ONE ideally i need a 6lb one but would settle for 8lb as i think 6 are hard to find, if one of you fab people have one you want to sell or know of anywhere i can get one your help would be really appreciated - thanks in advance


    one on ebay item no 320299130237 Good luck getting it

    The local bowling alley should be able to put you in the right direction if you are really struggling.
    This link may be interesting about sizes/weight for child:…htm also…049
    This ball is £40 and comes in extra small which is 8lbs.


    As far a bowling balls go you really need to get the hand measured and get the feel for the weight of the ball. I wouldn't by online, go to your local alley and they will let you try out many for size
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