EXPIRED not honoring warranty.

    I bought a MSI motherboard only a few months ago and last month, whilst I was playing farcry my computer turned off. It refused to start or show any signs of life. I've already bought and fitted and new motherboard and my system is now working 100% therefore I know for a fact 100% that the motherboard was the culprit. I've been trying since then for or MSI for a RMA but both are refusing and sending me around circles since are demanding me to claim direct off the manufacture whilst MSI are demanding it to be done direct from the reseller. I've contacted both the reseller & manufacture multiple times and have now just ended all contact. Who's legal responsibility is it for the RMA?
    Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated as this has been going on for long enough.
    Thank you


    Just having a look at Msi warranty info, it's a hard one as it states in their terms and conditions they will provide free replacement, but further down it says to go back to the retailer if all else fails, catch 22. You could use it to try and get the replacement by saying under section 1.2 of your terms it states:

    Limited warranty service: Under the normal condition of use, the Company provides limited warranty service according to your Product and purchasing region. The Company carries out hardware free replacement warranty within warranty period after the date you purchase the device (but the warranty period for certain hardware is shorter; please refer to the following provisions).Where the user sends the device for repair after two years from the purchase, user shall pay parts and labor charges, as well the delivery expense ( collect & Return shipping charges).

    Free warranty for hardware includes: Motherboard

    But as you read down they seem to protector themselves with this as I section 3.2 it says this

    #If you cannot seek any solution for the problem out of the above methods, you may seek support from the original store of purchase or distributor, because the original store of purchase should best know your system configuration and specifications, and can provide you with any necessary resource and service.#

    So it is basically saying if we can't help you need to go back to the retailer... So gives them a free licence to say nope.

    I would phone MSI and state you are requesting a free return and replacement under the terms stated in their warranty info, as you have contacted your retailer and they aren't willing to help. Say to them if they won't accept responsibility then you will have to take action with a third party to deal with it (lawyer). Go back to box aswell and state that you want to speak to a supervisor or manager about the issue and raise the complaint higher . If all else fails under consumer credit act 75 if it's over £100 you can claim it back through your credit card. Hope that helps.

    UK Consumer Law, the retailer is responsible for all claims under warranty; you only go to the maker outside warranty, or if the retailer has gone bust.

    If Box are refusing, go talk to Trading Standards.

    did you buy it using g a credit card - try a section 75 claim or charge back on your card. The retailer is resposible.

    You need to look at the consumer rights act 2015 as Gentle_giant says it's that need to deal with it. Maybe send them an email stating how long it's taking to sort it and your time is valuable. State that you will begin to charge an hourly rate for your time plus say £10 per email as a solicitor would. If it goes to court you will be demanding recovery of those and other costs. Normally works for me as they know they are in the wrong.

    If genuinely purchased "only a few months ago" where "few" is no more than six: merchant responsibility under CRA2015. Initial contact with merchant need only be simple summary. Procedure outlined and generic simple letter provided at…ds/ but in your letter also include the date you first notified merchant of issue.
    If no response to such a letter after say 7 days, a follow-up letter referring to first letter asking merchant to explain its belief from exclusion from CRA2015 will usually assist you later down the road, where any non-response or respone indicating breach of CRA2015 will be of detriment to merchant. No need to rant and rave; no need to tell a story; no need to threaten anything, these are simply dead-pan questions to be presented to merchant. Even no response to such letters after a reasonable time will be in your favour.
    Alternatively, if item was £100+ and purchase funded directly to merchant via credit card: it's a straightforward Section75 claim to credit card issuer and don't even bother with merchant.

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    Thanks for all the help everyone. After another phone call this morning have finally accepted responsbility or the rma. Could never have done it without you!
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