morning all, am moving house soon and need some cardboard boxes, anyone know where to get them cheap?



    Tesco,Asda etc...they always have empty boxes

    they wont charge either lol

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    i'd feel a bit wierd asking!!
    would you just ask at customer service?



    i'd feel a bit wierd asking!!would you just ask at customer service?

    yeh sure, just go in and ask... tell them your moving and some boxes would come in handy. they get it all the time dont worry

    Best bet is to get down to the supermarket early and ask. The Fruit and Veg manager is always a good contact. Apple boxes and Banana boxes are good. Nowadays most cardboard gets compacted so be prepared for a "no we can't" or similar.

    Local Fruit and Veg shop.

    Local Spar or similar.

    Both good sources.

    Aldi/Lidl, I think they prefer if people take boxes!

    Try electrical shops that sell T.V's, especially independent ones.

    The boxes are obviously strong, and the shops have to pay to dispose of them, so usually welcome peple taking them away.

    Ask on your local freecycle, I always see them on there.

    I got them on gumtree



    Aldi/Lidl, I think they prefer if people take boxes!

    I agree, and Netto:thumbsup:

    Just ask any local supermarket, at customer service or the floor staff and ask for any boxes for moving house - If they haven't already broken them down, they'll be more than happy to give you them We have people coming into Spar all the time and I do my best to find some boxes - Even if it means some creative re-packing of the half full boxes

    supermarket or freecycle
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