Boxes for moving

Anyone know of anywhere I can get cheap boxes from dont mind paying a little as im moving soon so need to turn my flat into cardboard city!!
Many thanks


try your local tescos because they have deliveries everyday but ask the day before or early in the day because they usually compress all the cardboard boxes straight away when theyre working the delivery

I Go To My Local Off License As The Boxes Are Strong And It Saves Them From Burning Them. Good Luck With The Move.

when we moved we just went to the local shops they were the best and if you ask nicely they keep them for you, we used to pick them up once a week and had tons by the time we moved

You can also try your local freecycle, people are always advertising boxes there

Try gumtree,check in freebies,i got some there.

We listed ours for free after we moved (freeads), and got loads of calls, music shop was great as was tescos, electrical retailers, and go down your highstreet the night before bin collection you will often find them tied up at the side of the street

macdonalds keep loads of boxes out back i always get mine from there they dont mind :-D
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