Found 11th Jun 2008
Does anyone know anywhere to get boxes for moving cheap?

I have found 23"/15"/15" double walled for £1 a box looking for cheaper if i can get it 2nd hand are fine.

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Try Freecycle - there's always loads of people on my local site giving away moving boxes. Then you can pass them on to someone else when you're done - saves waste and saves you a trip to the tip!


try super markets or milkman ask if he as any large egg boxes

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None on freecycle tried all near areas for weeks now.
Retailers are not allowed to give out boxes anymore some new health and safety law

Morrisons near me still have boxes under the end of their checkouts, however they're usually either the open banana ones or the wine ones.

Years ago I plundered the cardboard recycling skip out the back of Matalan in desperation before a move - got some great boxes!

If you've an Ikea near you, the blue bags are great for non-breakables. I bought about 30 for my last move and filled them with bedding, towels, clothes, kids toys, cushions ets. They're 25p or 30p each instore and really handy afterwards.

ask your local council ICT department, they have their computers delivered in big strong boxes and my local council just throws them in the skip, they are happy to give them away as it saves them money on removal

I got mine from this guy on ebay colinsnedds

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Thanks for the ideas guys:thumbsup:

Where in the uk are you?. I work for a packaging company and can help if you are near me.

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I'm in Northampton right by J15 M1

My sister lives in irthlingbough so I go through Northampton. When do you need them by and how many do you need?.

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Cool how much you charging?

about 20 and can have them anytime in the next 3 weeks.

I find it hard to believe, that at a time where people are constantly expecting store to recycle etc that they would not give out boxes due to health and safety! What are you going to do, get stuck inside one? Get a papercut? The country is going mad. My sister in law moved about 3 weeks ago and our local shop gave her boxes...odd. I'm now moving so they better still be giving them out lol!!


Cool how much you charging?about 20 and can have them anytime in the next … Cool how much you charging?about 20 and can have them anytime in the next 3 weeks.

I should be going up there on sunday so I can bring them then. Say £5 for the 20 cod and I will even throw in some brown tape.
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