Boxes for moving house?

Found 22nd Sep 2017
Hey, does anyone have any good reccomendations for boxes for moving house?

I know I could get some freebies but I'd much rather get some nice double-wall boxes to keep my tat that I bought after seeing it here valuables safe.

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Argos sell moving boxes...cant comment on quality
I recommend getting banana boxes free from Tesco and then forcing yourself to go through the boxes once you move in!

If you really do want plastic boxes, wilko or Tesco or 'wham' ones are adequate and easily stackable.
i like the really useful boxes.i have over 20 in my garage..they also come in a pretty good box when delivered i got mine for about £7 with voucher codes from staples

Just had a look for you and you can get 11 64l boxes for £92 with the code 299000160
quidco has ten percent on all purchases so thats £82 for 11 boxes and 11cardboard boxes delivered .
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Yeah fyfe banana boxes are fantastic for moving house. Tesco, morrisson or sainsbury will all gladly give you some for free
Most 'self store' places sell them.
Get free boxes from stores then sift through to get the decent ones. I don't get why anyone would pay for boxes.. just tape them up well and they are fine. I know you said you want to buy some but you could treat yourself with the money your willing to spend on moving boxes
Both eBay and Amazon sell strong packing boxes for moving.
I've heard McDonald's fries boxes are strong.
I bought 40 used once boxes last week on eBay, £28 delivered, very good double walled , seems they were used to ship double duvets
postmang23rd Sep

I've heard McDonald's fries boxes are strong.

We used these when moving, very str
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