boxes for moving needed

    Hi all, does anyone have any, or know best place to get decent boxes for moving, im in leigh, lancs. As always on here, cheap as poss please. thanks in advance.


    have you tried just going to your local supermarket and asking? that's all i've ever done and i've moved loads of times

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    yeah, have had a few that way, but need

    staples did great ones last time I moved, made for moving so no danger of the bottom falling out of them

    I think storage places like shurguard sell them.

    Try freecycle - theres always loads being given away on our group. I got loads from our local farm shop for our move.

    McDonald's fries boxes are really good, if you ask them they'll save you a few

    try a shoe shop, they often have decent boxes. mens rigger boots are heavy so the boxes need to be strong!

    local health centre? Supplies all come in boxes and they usually have to pay to dispose of them. as above free cycle.

    we have a place on winick quay, by the bowling, its a storage unit thingy..sells bubble wrap and boxes
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