Boxes of Lamb & Mint Crisps (Walkers)

Found 6th Feb 2007
I'm looking for boxes of Walkers' Lamb & Mint Crisps to buy online, at trade prices (even though I'm not trade of course). I want to buy online, and the only other place I can find it has it at £14.99 (though I can't remember what the site is now, but I believe it was actually an import site or something).

When I was in Loughborough they had them at Bargain something, at about 10p per packet if I remember correctly, however as I am no longer over there, I am unable to, and unfortunately I don't know anyone who has a Makro card or anything.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to find this, the price I'm hoping for is about £5 for a box of 48.
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it was home bargains and i bought some at 10p also... check your nearest store here ]http//ww…uk/
Ah, that was it - thanks.

Unfortunately however, my nearest one is 8 1/2 miles away, and I do not drive (plus it's a fair way to go on the bus), so it's not a viable option for me :-(
lamb and mint crisps are bowffin
worst thing ever invented

10p for a hundredweight and your getting done
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