boxing a landing ciling off

If anyone can help me i need to box my landing ciling off as it goes up way too high for me to decorate .... What would I need to do it.. I don't have a clue about this sort of thing ( I'm a lady ) thanks in advance


a tradesman/women?

Do you mean the ceiling? I agree with Shadey - you need a tradesperson to sort it out really. If it's too high for you to decorate, it'll be too high to box off.

Suggest you will need someone who knows what they are doing - not a simple task.

A wooden frame has to be constructed below the ceiling level and then plasterboarded and scrimmed - if doing this then it is worthwhile fitting extra insulation above the frame. Skill is ensuring the new ceiling is perfectly level.

Would be cheaper to employ a decorator who will have long enough ladders and staging just to decorate.

If you wanted it 'lowered', a tradesman could find the joists in your ceiling and build a frame down from them, put a board over the new frame and skim it.
But there's a chance you'll have a light pendant there and the lighting wires will probably be tight from the original height, which means adding a junction box to extend the wires.
Cheaper to just get a relative to paint or decorate it for you, tbh.

What the guy above said.
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Before you race ahead think if I do it will it restrict getting furniture up and down the stairs, eg beds and wardrobes.

That's a big job. Can you paint it with a long handled roller?

I got a shop fitter friend to do mine for me. it's perfect and we actually used the void space to make shelves in another room. We put spots in the new roof and it still fits furniture up etc.

High ceilings are a nice feature IMO makes a room look much nicer , do you really have to lower them? Could always just paint using a long roller if that's feasible

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sorry just seen all this yes ment ceiling sorry phone must of changed it ... it's not the painting that would be the problem it would be getting the paper off from the people who put it up there before me i do like it high makes it look nice and bright it's just a struggle getting the paper off

i don't understand the question? oO
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