Boxing Day Sales

    Anyone Think Their Will Be Any Worthwhile Deals After Christmas On Ipod Nano's ??

    I Can't Decide On Whether To Wait :-(


    new year sales>>>> boxing day sales.

    and ipods hardly ever go down in price.

    Yeah, don't wait expecting to get a huge discount on an iPod. Get it now and enjoy all your Christmas favourites over the next couple of weeks.

    Original Poster

    Thanks For The Fast Responses :-)

    Misc Always Seems To Help Instantly

    Rather Than Deal Requests Or For Sale/Trade ... But Oh Well Cheers Guys :w00t:

    Original Poster

    Thanks :thumbsup: I Never Understand The Fluxuation In Prices Between Colours Though

    wrong thread :lol:

    If the Christmas period is going to be as bad as everyone seems to think, the sales may started the week before Christmas. . . If everyone waits it becomes a self for filling prophesy. . .

    I'm going to make £1,000,000 out of the Boxing Day sales.

    The JFK;3722227

    I'm going to make £1,000,000 out of the Boxing Day sales.

    Wow, like to share ???


    Wow, like to share ???

    Nah I can't geeza because then I wouldn't be able to make £1,000,000.

    Sorry, geeza.
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