Boxing Day Sales In London Oxford Street

    I just want to ask
    In London Oxford Street, does the sales start on the 26th or 27th?
    Also what shops would you be looking forward to most?


    If its a boxing day sale, it will probably be on boxing day.

    it will probably be on boxing day.If its a boxing day sale


    If its a boxing day sale, it will probably be on boxing day.


    some stores. most stores actually will have thier sale tommrow yes. its abit of a visit every shop and try and find the best deal thing. cant really recommend what shops would be the best buy

    check out zavvi who are closing down so they will have very very good deals

    apart from them its a simple run aroudn the shops. good luck 2mrw

    does anyone know if theres a zavvi in westfield?

    Original Poster

    I asked because Next sales starts on the 27th, so I assumed that most sale would start on the 27th instead. So do the stores open around 8am then?
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