Boxing Day sales vs January sales? which day do you reckon will be the best for highest price reductions

Found 24th Dec 2016
Hi all
I'm just wondering if it's best to hold out for the January sales (not the pre-Jan sales) as opposed to the Boxing Day Sales for the biggest price reductions?
We're only really looking for clothing and children's bedroom furniture.

What do you reckon?


Black Friday starts tomorrow so i think that will have the best savings...

There will be good reductions in both, just keep your eyes open

unless your willing to wake up at 5am to get good stuff on Boxing Day go ahead if not wait till January

Let me grab my crystal ball


I'm don't care if will be pis__d all week

Just play it by ear

Last year the prices before xmas were better than both

Probably today going by the online sales. Get the feeling they will be fairly pants this year...

I'd expect the Jan sales to be better but sock and choice will be much more limited.
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