[boxing] eubank vs groves

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Thank you mate good man 👏👏👏
I've had a stream from Streamhunter going for 45 minutes with no problems
Lie lie lie lie lie la lie.
Nassem Hamed
deeky26 m ago

I've had a stream from Streamhunter going for 45 minutes with no problems

Just watched it, wanted groves to win. Average fight... glad I didn't stay up late to watch, boxing getting close to F1!
Boring fight that didn't get started until round 10

I'd have been peeved if I'd paid for it
Eubank has one hell of a chin and insane stamina but that's it.

Zero jab and when he comes across a boxer who doesn't stay in one spot for him he really struggles.

All his so called power and speed did nothing against an average Billy Jo Saunders and a slightly above average George Groves. All you have to do is duck a bit, clench him and utilise the jab to beat him.

The fact that he doesn't even have a trainer says it all. This "Next Gen" nonsense is exactly that. He's 28 now and should be at his peak. His whole team looked like amateurs. Even the cut man wasn't wearing gloves and hands couldn't stop shaking when he was trying to put vaseline over that cut.

He's a domestic Fighter at best. A lot of potential wasted trying to be his Dad who was a far superior boxer.
Eubank was very disappointing, Did well to last the full 12 rounds though.
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