Boxing Films (Tricky question)

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Found 8th Jan 2008
Hey guys, do you know of any films about boxing. the ones i know of, and have so far are,

The rockys'
Million dollar baby
Price of Glory (Which is fantastic btw)
Raging Bull
The hurricane

Then i have heard of black cloud, and thats it, anyone know of any more?
Preferably looking for more recent films, i know alot of old old boxing films, like 1930's- 1980s but preferably looking for films from the 90's +


Have you seen "Cinderella Man", Russell Crow based on a true story

"The Big Man" with Liam Neeson??!?
(Bareknuckle boxing oop North)

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How about Girlfight it to the … How about Girlfight it to the bone

Ahh cheers play it to the bone looks really good. Girlfight i may check out.
Has anyone else seen price of glory? I thought it was amazing.
Any other ideas would be good.

Oh yeh cinderella man looks alright too, may be buying that one soon

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Might pick up another one or two ]HERE (althought there's a fair few 'aged' entries)??!?

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Yeh cheer charlie seen that, but the list aint great, got loads of films missing, thought i may get a gem or two here

"Undisputed" starring Wesley Snipes is excellent!!…22/

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Thanks man just heard poor boys game, which looks alright tho can't find it on but it is on IMDB, probs isn't out on dvd yet then


"Undisputed" starring Wesley Snipes is … "Undisputed" starring Wesley Snipes is excellent!!

I'll back that, Undisputed really is a good movie. There is a sequel (Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing,…76/) which has absolutely nothing to do with the first one, but is a similar plot. I prefer the first one with Wesley Snipes hands down!

another couple are a film called gladiator (1991) (i think not the russel crow)
and midnight sting


another couple are a film called gladiator (1991)

It was made in 1992, with James Marshall and Brian Dennehy. I was going to recommend it but couldn't remember the name, until I found it on IMDB and realised you had already mentioned it. :thumbsup:.
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