Boxing Glove's

    Any1 know where i can get a good priced pair of gloves?

    Thanx in advance!


    bit vague

    why don't u try some shops

    If you are after a pair of quality gloves I wouldnt go for anything other than Grant, Cleto Reyes or most of the ones made in Thailand (Twins, Raja, Inter etc.)

    Typically for a pair 10oz and up you will be paying over £30 for leather. The Reyes and Grants are alot more.

    I would steer clear of Brands like Reebok, Lonsdale etc, but that is personal choice due to the amount of wear my gloves get. If you are just knocking around in them or doing boxercise classes or something then yeh, basically you could wear anything.

    I got my pink ones on ebay.. REALLY nice.. i've bought loads of different ones in stores which weren't any where as good quality..

    I remember seeing some on's sale pages today


    Depends what you want them for. I bought a nice pair of Kings (for Kickboxing/Muay Thai) from [url][/url]. Great gloves, good price - the only downer is they're made to order and can take up to a couple of months to get made and shipped over. I think mine took about a month.

    Yea like the other poster said, avoid lonsdale e.t.c

    Fairtex make really good quality gloves, never had problems with them.

    [url][/url] is a good place to get gloves

    This any good for you ]Boxing Gloves :whistling: :giggle:

    Boots have a pair on sale atm.. also.. ]http//ww…000
    so yeahhh... hope this helps again..
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