Boxing gloves? anyone know about them please?

    My son has taken up boxing, and I have heard him say he wants new boxing gloves. It would be a good surprise Xma pressie, but I know nothing about them. Do they come in various sizes etc Is this a very personal choice, which he would need to choose himself?
    He is 23. Thanks for any help


    Best to take him with you to get them as he'll need to get a good fit and the right weight for him.

    If he's going to use them for training get him 14 ounces or above. If they'll be used mainly for fights then he'll need 10-12 oz.
    If he's got average size hands for a guy he'll probably need size large.

    Lace up gloves fit more snugly than velcro gloves but they are trickier to tie up. He'll have to ask people to tie them up for him. Get leather gloves since these will last longer.


    Reading whatsthepoints link if you wish to buy as a surprise a safe bet for him world be
    16oz (best weight for sparing), leather, with a Velcro fasting, Size large, unless your son is very slight framed.


    Mum this isn't much of a surprise now you've posted on here for me to see what Christmas present I'm getting now is it!


    itd kill the suprise but take him with you, as gloves are a very specific thing and need to feel good and stuff, maybe suprise him another way?

    i use to box so i know how specific gloves can be

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    thanks guys....think I will take him to choose them
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