Boxt - Bad install, anyone have any experience with remediation?

Posted 22nd Apr 2021
Recently had a new boiler fitted in a new location by Boxt, price was great and install was relatively quick but a few issues have appeared.

1 - Installer turned up with two of his mates who clearly weren't qualified.
2 - Install itself looks a bit crap, pipes on show, didn't tell me when they were fitting the pipes so I could remove the coving to hide them (Despite asking)
3 - Used correct diameter pipes from the boiler, then after about 3 foot they change to a smaller diameter pipe which obviously restricts the flow.
4 - Due to point 3 a few of my radiators no longer work, they said they had faulty valves (Despite them being the hottest radiators in the house.
5 - Patching up of the holes in the walls is terrible. Clearly haven't mixed it correctly, cracked and crumbling already.
6 - Leak in a radiator that they had drained and plumbed into, called them back and they turned up, slapped some silicone sealant on it and called it a day.

I've got in contact with Boxt and stated I do not want the previous installer coming anywhere near my house again, they've sent out another decent engineer that highlighted some of the above.

What should I expect in terms of remediation?
Full install/service?

At the moment I'm left with two of the main rooms being cold due to point 3 and facing further disruption to work.
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