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I'm after a bike for a 10yr old. Any bike experts out there who any idea what to get? He won't be going 'off road' much. I want to spend arounf £100 as any more and he'll have grown out of it before its paid its way. I was looking at the SilverFox advertised in Argos but after reading the comments about it on here i'm not sure now! Dual suspension / disk brakes etc........i'm lost! ;-)


I am no bike expert but I recently decided to get my lad of 11 a new bike. I was wary of the cheaper end as they are mainly steel and very heavy. I too was worried about him growing out of it too soon. In the end after a lot of hunting and trying out we bought a Specialized Hardrock 15" frame with 26" wheels. This was around £250 after a lot of haggling but I shopped around and got offered various accessories etc once I proved I was willing to go anywhere. He has standard brake front and disc rear and front suspension. If he isnt going to do a lot of rough off road the rear suspension will not really help.

Anyway what I am trying to say was that was 12 weeks ago and my son hasnt stopped riding! Even in the rain he is always looking for excuses to go out and I must admit that the extra was worth if (even if he does grow out of it). There is a world of difference between the cheaper steel and starter alu frame. Plus, I have checked and the shop I bought it from is will to offer a good trade deal depending on condition. I have also found other shops willing to trade since the bike is a good brand and has a good 2nd hand market.

Hope this helps some but I know we all have a budget and I decided to go the extra.

BTW forgot to mention that I went for a new 2007 model as this was significantly cheaper but pretty much as good for what we wanted.

As an ex bike rider, I would always advocate going to a proper shop to have a look at bikes instead of one that you have never seen properly. If you know what you are buying fair enough.

I would definitely check out thoroughly a bike with suspension and disc brakes for a price under £100.

Get him a second hand one !

The price of s/h bikes is always a lot less than new.

Also I am afraid if you get him a new one it is likely to get nicked (I know this is a bit defeatist but it is a fact of life).
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