Boys holiday destination...

    Need some more holiday advice from everyone please :-)

    Looking to go on holiday with my mates this summer, but unsure on destination.

    Ideally we want all inclusive in a lively area for around £550 or less per person.

    Last year we went to Zante and the nightlife was good, but the apartments were crap.

    We considered Bulgaria (as there are lots of really nice all inc hotels there) but are slightly worried about various reviews regarding dodgy/dangerous locals due to it still being a poor country.

    We are open to all suggestions...


    zante anit changed then great place, beaches, bars, babes ect but pants accom! did u care?? we didnt 10 years ago! LOL

    heard good thinks about bulgaria and that area of the world but not been myself yet

    its along way but thailand is awesome! (12hr direct from uk) £400-500 return flight but u prob only need £300 for 2 weeks out there!

    Ive booked a holiday with my mates for Zante this summer, we shopped around quite a bit to find a hotel with good reviews and facilities, so hopefully it'll be all good.

    We also looked at going to:

    Ayia Napa

    Whilst not being a boy and probably much older than you :oops:,I cannot suggest the best places to go(15years or so ago,maybe!!)

    What I will say is this,poverty does not necessarily make a place dodgy or dangerous.I have visited many places that are considered poor and have never encountered any trouble.That is not to say it does not happen,trouble can occur anywhere in the world.I live in Blackpool and trouble occurs most weekends(like many towns and cities,though I never encounter it!)

    And that is my point,if you look for it,it can find you.When travelling anywhere,take precautions like you would at home,keep your money safe,don't carry too much with you(just enough for what you need per day) don't become drunk and lairy,treat the locals with respect,treat the place you visit with respect,be aware of local customs,be open minded,tolerant and not ignorant.

    I am sure many people have visited Bulgaria and had a great time,so don't be put off:)

    Try Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt. You will get a top end 5 star all inclusive for £500 easy. You could learn to dive during the day, the red sea is awesome.
    Evening time - loads of casinos, hard rock cafe, camel bar, quad bikes in the Sinai desert, national go-kart track is there. Loads to do. Weather is great and there are plenty of girls of all nationalities. Never seen any trouble there and I have been going for last 8 years


    You should consider Bulgaria again, you should be safe enough, tourists mean money. Dead tourists still mean money, but less. Plus, with your budget you could buy your own hotel.
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