B&Q Innocence P Shaped Shower - Anyone Purchased This Product ??

Posted 18th Mar 2011
Purchased the mentioned shower and enclosure from B&Q 18 months ago following a deal on here. Have had a few problems in the past but have always been able to source spares from a company called PJH. Over the past months the runners that hold on the 6mm toughened glass door have yet again broken down and now PJH are saying there will be no more spares for this shower available.

So then i am now in the situation where i have a large family that rely on a shower every day and within the next months i will not be able to use it due to no door runners and a very heavy glass door. I am in the process of filling a complaint with B&Q under the SOG act claiming that the shower is not fit for its purpose. Add to the fact that having spent thousands on the bathroom i have cut in the floor titles around this particular shower tray and also installed wet wall behind it, which is again cut to shape.

So then is there anyone out there that has this shower that is also having problems with the quality of the door runners and the fact that they are constantly failing around the 6 month mark. I phoned PJH and they have logged 4 phone calls since purchase all requesting spare runners. Maybe with others help i can get somewhere, and also be of help to others that may need to make a claim in the future.

Let me know if you have this model and any problems encountered.
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Looks like only thee and me purchased this item Squelds
Yep seems that way m8 lol ;-)
no i have the same problem as the rollers have collapsed on my shower enclosure . looks like this is still for sale from B&Q
same problem here, had an entire bathroom refurb about 18mths ago...now rendered useless without a working shower door. B&Q gave me the number for PHJ...no joy!!!

Any ideas??
Seems like we have been bent over and shafted by B&Q in terms of getting anywhere with this. Im in contact with a m8 who is an engineer for McLaren atm, he spends most of his time manifacturing small metal parts and maybe able to make something up. If i get any joy with that ill let you all know and get him to make enough runners for all... but no promises he can do anything. If not then im in the process of writing a letter to head office. Maybe worth us all having a copy and adding our names/order number to it so that they can see its not just an individual case. Will keep everyone updated as soon as i get anything back.
Having still not fitted mine, I assume its just the top rollers that break up as in picture on page 20 of the instal booklet?

Any photo's of what exactly happens to the roller?

Apart from that problem which im sure we can get a fix for between us, everyone is happy with the performance of the shower?
Shower is fine other than the rollers Mike. What seems to happen is the small ball bearings inside the nylon runners break down and fall out. This means the runner then comes off the metal pin than holds it in place and the door is free to move about as its not hinged on anything. Shame really as a simple fix by B&Q could of been made if effort was put in.

Anyway spoke to my m8 last night and hes coming round Tuesay after work. Hes sounded pretty confident than something could be manifactured so fingers crossed.
So Squelds, did you ever get a solution to the runner problem?
As of yet m8 no joy... and tbh im just waiting for it to go at any minute.

The m8 above has been a bit of a letdown as hes just left his wife n 3 kids and very hard to track down... seems to spend most of his time down town atm chasing skirt :-P

Its another thing in a list of many that ive gotta chase up... but i really must get on top of this soon so will let u know when i get an update ;-)
Saw him over the weekend and hes taken the top runner to work on. Will keep you updated as time goes on ;-)
After reading all the posts ... I need help .. I have the same shower which i bought some time ago and just had to fitted into my NEW bathroom and discovered the T shape clips which hold the doors together is missing .. I called PJH who advised me that its discontinued shower and the company is based in china no quick fix . I have a shower installed with half a door enclosure .. Any help would be appreciated
TBH debbie atm i cant see any resolution to this. B&Q have pretty much washed there hands with me, PJH have told me what they told you, and Aquamate (who made it out in Hong Kong) wont reply to my emails. Since my problems months ago Aquamate have redesigned their webpage, so some activity. Unfortunately if you try and now send them a msg through their webpage it fails every single time !

So atm my only avenue is my friend... but he is a real nightmare in terms of reliability. I gave him the top bracket months ago, saw him over at the kids school leaving assembly last week and he said 'damn its still in my desk at work, id forgotten all about that'. He will get there in the end but im playing the waiting game and he could be weeks/months... then when he does get his ass in gear hes got the bottom bracket to do next. He did promise me again though that he would get on it.

I know this aint much help to you atm... and it must be a nightmare having a new shower you cant use... but if you dont get any results your end (and let us all know if you do) like ive promised everyone on here, ill try and help as much as i can - just time :-(
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we bought this shower over a year ago and opened it today to find the instructions missing. I rang B and Q who were no help but they gave me pjh no. I just rang them and they will try to send me instructions but said if any parts missing they will not be able to get hold of them as it is discontinued. ho hum:(

Email seems to be up and running now. I have just mailed them in request of the runners, will await their response.

BTW original name of the shower/enclosure was IKARI. Its not in their new catalogue and it seems all their new design doors are now folding strangely enough ;-)
B&Q are now selling a special instore called a Marina quadrant shower enclosure, the roller bearings on this model look to be identical to the P enclosure ones except that the number of bearings has been doubled to cope with the load of the heavy glass door I guess as they probably got lots of complaints re the single bearing rollers breaking.
Now the problem with using that for spare rollers is that PJH dont have any spares for this now model whatsoever yet!

BUT... they do now have spares for the P enclosure rollers, though you wont like the price.

The top set is £20 and the bottom set is £15

Ring them on 0161 7033360 and option 2 if you feel rich enough to order any.

Personally I will go another route if mine fail. 8mm x 16 x 6 plain ball bearings are available, so buy those and turn out the nylon part of the existing rollers to 16mm id and push fit with some superglue the nylon outer onto the new bearing.
Jobs should be done and not fail again
Good to know Mike. Personally if i was in the situation where id have to rip out the shower+wetwall+fit new tiles id begrudgingly pay £35. Shame B&Q head office dont honour InnocenceP buyers with these new fittings for free. Surely Sale Of Goods says 'fit for purpose for 5 years' !!

Oh and... so are you saying that the new double bearing rollers you cant get atm, but the InnocenceP single bearing rollers are £35 ?? Couldnt quite make it out.

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The original ones for the P shaped shower are now available from PJH for £35 a set yes, the new shower on offer for £249 instore (Marina) is fitted with double roller sets which IMO would be much better but as they have no spares available for them yet its a case of have the P ones at £35 or nowt right now.
OK m8 thanx for confirming this ;-)
Hi All. I have not got the same shower as you but bought a Zone shower enclosure from B & Q made by... Auqamate. My door seals have all but wasted away now and i need new ones. I wasn't given a contact number of PJH as i was told they no longer deal with the Chinese. Would anyone have a contact number for them please ?.... it's got to be worth a shot as i'm fed up with having a shower then having to mop up a small paddling pool outside the door. Thanks in Anticipation. Tony F
Tony its 0161 7033360 option 2 i believe. Seems like we are all beginning to question the quality of Aquamate products... so welcome to the club buddy
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lol its PJH not PHJ & its Aqualux not Aquamate. With the right names it might make it easier to contact the company's you require.

I think where you may fall down on the SOG act is that these showers where sold for around £50 mark. Trading Standards state that goods must be suitable etc but its also in conjunction with what it cost you

ie a washing machine for £200 goes wrong in 2 years then its basically you get whay you pay for, as it against the investment value whereas if the machine cost say £600 then trading standards would say you would expect it to last longer to say 5 years.

As this enclosure was £50 I think Trading Standards wouldn't be overly interested in pursuing your case.

Also if you try to claim using the EU ruling then depending on value there is a sliding scale where the value to be refunded is reduced in line with the time you have had it. Also there is no EU ruling over compo for replacements.

MORAL of the story

'if you buy cheap clearance things' then expect to be left out in the cold if they go wrong'.

I bought some bits from FOCUS when they went into admin for more than the enclosure you bought & basically I have to bin it
also these admmendments were made to the EU ruling to deal more with 2nd hand cars dealers
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No m8 its Aquamate NOT Aqualux ;-)


PS theres also a little something called Sale of Goods Act thats states that anything sold within the UK must be fit for its purpose for at least 5 years... that is of course unless advice i was given by Consumer Direct themselves is wrong. But yeah i do agree that its cheap and i cant expect it to last for the next 20 years, but hey a few spares here and there after a year wouldnt go amiss !

I appreciate your take on this... but not really helpful and a little wrong to say the least. Theres people like Mike who have only just fitted their shower this week and others only just finding bits missing. So basically you are saying because the shower was purchased on a discount they should just forget about it coz it cost so less, that because it was so cheap we have to expect it to be of such bad quality, and because it cost us so little that gives the point of sale the right to not back up any problems with viable solutions... if only trading was that easy. Also remember at one stage this shower unit was at full price, does that then mean that people who purchased it at over £650 should get more help than us that got it at such a low rate.

Im not disagreeing that it was cheap for a reason... but after installing other things like wetwall around the enclosure, tiling to match the cut of the tray, grouting, siliconing, etc etc id be pretty hacked of if between us we couldnt come to some sort of a solution to this and not just take your stance of 'its cheap, rip it all out and start again'. I did expect more from a major high street retailer like B&Q im sorry. Unfortunately its not that easy to just give up on it m8.. thats why this thread was set up... to help each other out with positives ;-)

PS.. ive just gone back through the thread wondering where you got PHJ not PJH from... then realised it was originally me LOL. So yeah typo on my behalf people hehe. All the time ive known it was PHJ... sorry HPJ... damn... JPH... doh... PJH... there... P J H !!

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On the instructions from my p-shape enclosure from B&Q it defo says 'aqualux' unless mine is different to yours
Is this the enclosure you have got?

Yep thats the one... but it was originally manifactured by Chinese company Aquamate under the name IKARI, i saw it on their website just before they updated their range about 4 months ago - identical.

TBH my box could of had Aqualux on it, but it was over a year ago now so cant remember. I do know however that PJH gave me the details of it being Aquamate they imported from. Anyway irrelevant now as PJH, B&Q and even emailing Aquamate points to a dead end (aside from the good news Mike has now given us regarding PJH and new brackets) !

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Just fitted new wheel sets to the glass door last night and all working again (I had seized wheels and missing ball bearings when I took the door off – top and bottom wheels). I ordered the replacements from PJH for £35. K2 is what you need for the top and L2 for the bottom. With the unique shape of the tray/cubical I was looking at £2000 minimum to rip out and put something simpler in so decided to order the wheels and give it a try. I will order another set as back up. I've had a lot of problems with this B&Q shower. After installation, I had water thorough the kitchen ceiling below which was from the pipe work inside the tower which was not tightened up in the factory (installer does not touch the guts of the tower – only connects up the hot and cold at the bottom of the tower). Also had one section of glass explode one night - manufacturing flaw in the toughened glass. Luckily nobody was in the shower when this happened. Threatened B&Q with watchdog etc... and it was sorted out after a month. Anyway, lesson for me is keep it simple in future and install a shower that is a common size so it's less complicated to rip out in future. I fully recommend buying the spare wheel sets from PJH and accept the £35 bill. It took about a week to receive them.
Try smearing each side of the bearings with silicone grease to try and stop the water getting inside. This may increase the length of time they last, though the door glass weight is no doubt too much for the type of bearing they have used.
does any one have a drawing for this innocence p shaped showers as l going to fit one in the new year as have had it for a good year .
anyone selling parts from p shaped zone enclosure from b n q (now discontiued). we bought this 18 months ago and stuck it in the shed as newley weds we have a lot to learn and should of checked what was in the box .. designed the bathroom got it all out to fit ! doh guess what we are missing seals , 1 hinge and the top rail/frame that holds it together.we have tried aquamate , no reply to emails as most people seem to say and their tel number seems to be going straight to a fax ! im happy to buy any parts from un wanted enlcosures especial a hinge for the door and frame

i may be able to use seals from another shower? advice anyone?
leesarahkyle, Try PJH the suppliers to B&Q ring them on 0161 7033360 and option 2

stuart4669, same applies, they may have a manual or photocopy of one, its 27 pages long!
Hi we have had this shower for about two and a half years and on average the top and bottom wheels K2 & L2 have failed every seven or eight months. On till now we have been able to get the items sent out free of charge but this morning 29/11/2011 after being kept on hold for 30+ minutes I was told the items would cost me over £35. I asked if I was hearing right as these items are prone to failing. I did not purchase the wheels as I thought they would cost me no more than £5 to £10 which is bad enough but £35 for items that have to be replaced every seven months, I don't think so.


My bathroom refurb has not gone well, I am quite good at diy but I am so busy atm that I put my trust in a local guy to do the work for me, he laid the shower base with waste through the wall to outside, then started tiling using my expensive tiles, after 1 and a bit walls I sent him on his way as I can do better than that, pay for quality and thats what you expect.
So now I had to wait 5 weeks for a tiler who I trust to come and sort the mess and tile the rest of the room.
While waiting I thought I would test the waste was ok on the shower base, water came through the ceiling into the kitchen! Good job the "local guy" had accidentally put a board through the kitchen ceiling earlier or the water could have damaged it!!
I found the hole in the wall was too low levering the shower waste off the base, so another fail and rework by me.
Once the tiler had reworked the bad wall I had a 4 week wait for him to come back and sort the rest (you have to wait for the best) but it meant I was able to build the shower at least.
Once assembled as per instructions I found the sliding glass door just didnt! The bottom rollers would pop out of the track as and when they felt like it. The vertical control tower was very unstable, only being held in place by the flat glass and the oblong plastic base it sits on.
I had to make an alloy brace from the top of the tower to the wall over the flat glass to give it half a chance of staying put.
Back to the rollers and sliding glass, I found I needed to refit the curved end frame with it under load to get close to the curve required for the glass to follow the shape of the alloy track, either my glass is out of shape or the alloy runners are but either way it was a nightmare to get even close. The sideways loading on the bottom rollers would pop them out of the track as the door closed.
After multiple checks that everything is square and vertical etc I found that there is a 2-3mm variance between the top and bottom roller runners, so I will need to modify the top track mounting where it joins the tower, raising it to remove the error in height.
Once that is done I think the bottom rollers will stand more chance of staying in place.
I have already before use changed the top rollers for some better quality ones as they do take quite a lot of load and in reality should have been double rollers for the weight of the glass.
The bottom ones I will modify too once I have the frame parallel.

Shower use... well its ok for the price, my water pressure is just over 1.5bar so the body jets are a bit futile but the other shower functions work ok.

Leaks... Even after silicone as per book and under the oblong base plate below the tower, mine is leaking past the curved glass bottom sealing strip, I think its maybe at the ends of the strip (fitted outside) so I will I guess try silicone on the inside of the glass to frame to see if its water running down the glass and under the alloy channel it sits in.
It also leaks out via the area where the flat glass meets the base (rubber strip area) so will need to try and solve that one too.
I must say that I bought this some 2yrs ago and only recently fitted it, if I had known what grief it was going to cause me I would never have fitted it but instead have shipped it direct to the local tip and gone for a big oblong shower with flat glass and durable runner system.

And now after the long wait for the tiler, I find the plumber I trust is all booked up till xmas so I need to turn into a bathroom fitter for the basin and toilet, of course none of the existing under floor pipework is in the right place, no soil pipework fitted and the central heating pipework is in the wrong place too.

Just like the mad hatter...did I say I had no time!!!
That's some saga you've had with your bathroom. I also had water leaking into kitchen below but it was due to internal plumbing in the tower not being connected up properly before leaving the factory in China. Can you please advise where you got modified / stronger wheels for the top runners? I purchased new ones at £35 from PJH recently but am already concerned that they will not last. Thanks Mike
I bought proper double shielded ball bearings and turned up some nylon to face them with. They were a knock on fit onto the 8mm shaft the original rollers came with.
I may have a line on some ready made ones though and will report here if they are suitable.
I actually put mains pressure onto the tower of mine to test before assembly while it was layng across the bath to check for any leaking joints Though how you deal with any future repairs to the tower internals I dont know, as the extrusions slide together so you cant take the front panel off without a complete strip out.
I fitted a seperate wall mounted thermo mixer before the shower went in so I have a backup that can be serviced in future as I live in a very hard water area and the mixing valves do tend to fail here.
You can pull the back of the tower off - it does slide but also can be pulled off - this is what the PJH Engineer did when he came to fix the internal leak in our tower unit. Look forward to hearing about the bearings you reckon can be fitted direct as a replacement to the useless ones supplied with the shower and purchased from PJH. Cheers Mike
Don't know if anybody is still reading this page, I bought one of these two years ago in preparation for some work I was intending to do. i am just about to fit it, my question, are these new parts a replacement or are they the original parts, basically should I get these parts and fit them instead of what's in the pack?........cheers in advance....Steve

As Pink Floyd would say........Is there anybody out there?
Replacements from PJH are the same as the originals. Not good quality.

I may have a line on replacement better bearings/rollers soon.
Thanks for the reply Mike, just been talking to the wife, she's not impressed, I dont want to go to all the trouble of fitting this thing only to find it gives me a load of grief, would sooner cut my losses and go for another one straight away but if the consensus is that it's worth it I'll give it a shot

cheers once again, Steve
Well for the price its good value if you get no fitting problems. The wife and kids really like the size and controls of the shower.

I would say that as long as the curved glass fits the runners shape better than mine did and you silicone almost to excess to be sure of no leaks around the joints of glass to trims, you should be ok.
The bearings will fail, but this can be overcome, the tower in my opinion is not supported well enough and does require a further bracket to the wall to hold in place but others may be happy without.
Now that I know you can unclip the tower control panel without a full strip out (thanks Mike) i'm happier that any future faults there can be overcome.

Had I been involved fitting this for a n other, I probably wouldnt have gone ahead with mine but would have bought an enclosure the same size but with straight panels to save the grief, but having weathered the storm so to speak I will stick with it and its little gotyas, at least for now
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