B&Q Innocence P Shaped Shower - Anyone Purchased This Product ??

Posted 18th Mar 2011
Purchased the mentioned shower and enclosure from B&Q 18 months ago following a deal on here. Have had a few problems in the past but have always been able to source spares from a company called PJH. Over the past months the runners that hold on the 6mm toughened glass door have yet again broken down and now PJH are saying there will be no more spares for this shower available.

So then i am now in the situation where i have a large family that rely on a shower every day and within the next months i will not be able to use it due to no door runners and a very heavy glass door. I am in the process of filling a complaint with B&Q under the SOG act claiming that the shower is not fit for its purpose. Add to the fact that having spent thousands on the bathroom i have cut in the floor titles around this particular shower tray and also installed wet wall behind it, which is again cut to shape.

So then is there anyone out there that has this shower that is also having problems with the quality of the door runners and the fact that they are constantly failing around the 6 month mark. I phoned PJH and they have logged 4 phone calls since purchase all requesting spare runners. Maybe with others help i can get somewhere, and also be of help to others that may need to make a claim in the future.

Let me know if you have this model and any problems encountered.
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Hi Well i thought i was the only one with this shower and having problems. the rollers on the top of the door have broken . We had problems with the knobs on the shower falling off which took BQ ages to sort out . A very rude Girl in local BQ failed to deal with our complain t(took 3 mths) that we complained about and did get £40 voucher. Off to look for a solution at the DIY stores .
These might get you out of trouble?

Ebay Item number: 290617322642
Hi Mike, thanks for that info, just getting ready to fit my one, I take it these are not the ones you mentioned you may have a lead on?, have you tried these out and also is it worth trying the double roller ones do you think? cheers once again and happy new year, Steve
I have put a pair of those singles on the top of mine "just for now" until I get round to going for double top and bottom roller sets, that was some months ago and I just didnt yet get the time to revisit the shower door problem. I think mentally I'm making excuses not to go there

Be careful with the doubles as the glass hole distances from the edge along with the diameter of the new rollers will maybe restrict your choice.
I have a lathe so am able to turn the rollers down as needed to fit.

Buy from the venders own web site as they are cheaper there

The ones I thought I had a lead on were withdrawn from sale while I dithered....

Please let us know how you get on.
I'm a bit alarmed reading all this. We bought this shower as ex-display a couple of years ago and I'm sure we paid around the £300+ mark at B&Q. It's been waiting for my husband to get round to fitting it(!) and now he's looking for some instructions - hence my searching on the net. I think we've been well and truly had. I'm glad he hasn't yet got round to cutting the floor tiles we bought at some expense recently. The problem is what to do ... either take a chance and carry on, or cut our losses and avoid future aggro. I'm not a huge fan of B&Q to say the least, and that was before all this. Any comments on how the shower itself performs (when the door is operating, that is)?
Aargh, just looked, it cost £350. Grr!
Hi Polly, just in the process of fitting mine, as Mike said, door rollers seem to be a continual problem, i've purchased an extra set from the website he recommended, just started the fit today and problems so far, screws for the clips that hold the glass (Y2 if I remember), need predrilling as the screws are too long and the metal they are made from is very soft, 2.5 mm drill does the trick but be careful of the glass. Will report in over the next couple of days and let you know how I get on. Just to add, I'm in the trade and this doesn't look straightforward :-(. BTW, mine cost £350 also, but again as Mike said, if you can get it to work then ok. Steve
Well, where do I start?, i knew this SOAB was gonna be a problem, so everything was looked at twice, then twice again, make sure its level,...check, both ways,... check,make sure it's plumb,...check both ways,... check, make sure you use plenty of silicone ,...check,...what about if the metal work is corkscrew and doesnt line up? what about when you hang the door and it's running out by 5mm because the door is so heavy the metal won't take the weight, what about the chinese s/steel screws that are so soft that when you screw them in you strip the heads off or they just shear in the hole, what about the fact that the shape of the base bears no relationship to the eventual shape of the enclosure?, I've been in this game 25 years and I went with it because it wasn't gonna beat me, honest truth, wish I'd binned it and bought a 1200 x 900 enclosure from my usual supplier instead of trying to be such a clever dick and make this work,.....God knows what it's gonna be like when the rollers eventually fail, I've bought the replacements but I don't see how they're gonna work with this bitch being so far out of true :-(
The shower works reasonably well once fitted, the family like it though the rate of water draining seems to be restricted through the trap as our tray becomes a paddling pool when the girls are in there with all the fancy body washes etc. Nowt wrong with my pipework so it has to be the trap not letting water out fast enough or maybe the hair filter is too restricting.
Be ultra careful putting plenty of silicone when assembling (final) cause it will leak otherwise. You will end up fitting it all more than once if mine was anything to go by. K1 L1 A1 is where I had trouble with final sealing. Base shape and door shape didnt match up easily.
The vertical tower needed more support with an extra home made bracket to stop it wobbling for me. The top runner for the door is so understrength for the job that it changes height as the door is closed, meaning that the rollers can pop out of the runners, the only way of fixing I can see easily is to jack up the fixing of the top runner where it mounts in the tower so it is higher than horizontal with no door load and becomes parallel once the door loading is transfered to it.
Realy it needed the bottom rollers to run in a track so the door load was always on them and the tops just ran in a track to guide the door, but thats where the design failed imo.
Had the tracks/door not been curved I would have fitted my own design tracks by now

Good luck if you have yet to fit yours and still intend to after reading all this....
So, i finally get he whole shambles erected, (no puns here), seal the **** up making sure as Mike said, to use plenty of silicon, (adding silicon behind the wall plates helps with the seal on the uprights), check everything once again and finallygive it a whirl with some water,........poxy 'o' rings on the pan head are stuffed, water pouring out everywhere, doesn't bode well considering our leaders are telling us the Chinese will be supplying everything we buy in the next ten years,......Reflections, if you're gonna buy something from one of our nameless superstores, ...fit it within 6 months, that way you have a leg to stand on, otherwise, and I'm kicking myself now especially as I'm in the trade,...stick with a local trade specialist, you may pay a few quid more, but you'll save yourself time and trouble and n my game that means wages,..... if I can help, then drop me a line here, good luck,............Steve
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Hi Steve. Many thanks for your reply which I've only just spotted! We haven't yet fitted ours but have decided to continue with it. However we don't have an instruction manual - eek!! Totally agree with your comment in a later post re fitting purchases of this type asap. I shall be following this thread closely and anticipate the fitting and performance it isn't going to be plain sailing by any means. Again thanks for all your posts on this - really helpful ....Polly
Hi Polly, after all tyhe roubles I had with mine, I eventually only had 1 small leak but it's early days yet, fingers crossed, as Mike T said, the frame isn't strong enough to carry the weight of the glass door, it therefore sags allowing the bottom set of rollers to come free, not a problem if you're aware of it but a pain in the butt anyway. If you wanna post an email address up here, I'll scan my instructions for you and send them as a pdf file . Good luck ,Steve
Sorry, that should be troubles not roubles, must have been thinking about Russian vodka :-)
Hi All,
Like others,all I required was an instruction manual but found this forum and that these showers are rather sub standard. But to fit or not to fit?

MikeT and sbba09501,how are your shower enclosures going? In hind-site, would it have been better to bin these and fit a higher quality unit. We have had this for something like 5 yrs and not got round to fitting it as the whole bathroom required refurbishing including plastering, a new window and electrics and it is an extension with no roof void access and although the shower kit was half price at the time, it was still much more than £350.

I have had problems with a quadrant shower leaking and don't want to fit a shower that is going to leak. I look forward to your replies.

Just come across this thread and am so pleased I went with my 2 nd choice.
We have had a wet room fitted- had doubts because it is upstairs- but works perfectly and only one shower screen which rests on the floor.

Good luck all who are having problems
Hi jby48, yeah, fitted mine at christmas last and after a few initial problems has been running ok. The base doesn't seem to bear any relationship to the glass top and frames so you have to just go by gut as to where you fit it. The major problem was sealing all around the frame work, i had the advantage that Mike T had already warned to use plenty of silicone but your gonna have to make sure you can get it everywhere that's likely to leak. Obviously both side frames are prime candidates but also all round the base of the tower including the plate that holds the hoses, the flat glass panel has a seal at the bottom but this too needs plenty of sealing to stop leaks. the plasic seals that hold the glass units in don't work that well so I got rid of them and just bedded the glass in silicone, which works well. Everyone seems to have had trouble with the top rollers, this is probably due to the fact that the door is heavy and the weight is bearing on the top rollers only. Based on what Mike T said, I bought a replacement set prior to installation but as of yet, I haven't needed them, probably due to the fact just the wife and I use this shower. Quite a bit of grief I know but if you decide to use it, then you'll be really pleased, it's a brilliant shower, especially if you run it off a combi. Good luck, drop a line and let us know how you get on
Hi sbba0951
Thanks for your reply. I've decided to fit this shower and with the info gained from this forum will make sure it is well sealed. The shower tower is why we bought this in the first place and I have not seem another shower with one. It is convenient to use and the wall don't have to chased out to fit concealed pipes. The rollers do look fragile compared to other showers that I have but will see how it goes.
I still need the instructions, will you be able to send me a pdf please or is it easy to figure out?
Many Thanks again. John
Hi john, just noticed my last comment didn't get posted up, have you fitted your shower?, do you still need the instructions?, mine's all up and running and performing well, only slight problem is the hair trap (was mentioned by Mike T previously),can get blocked quite frequently and turns the tray into a paddling pool but otherwise pleased I stuck with it. let me know if you need the instructions, Steve

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Just started to install this shower (has been in my garage for almost 2 years) but cant find the fitting instruction manual. Could someone provide it please - would be eternally grateful.

Hi paul, I have the instructions, if you post up your email addres I'll pdf them through to you


Hi paul, I have the instructions, if you post up your email addres I'll … Hi paul, I have the instructions, if you post up your email addres I'll pdf them through to youSteve

Hi Steve

Seems I cant PM you as I havent been on here long enough. tried to post my e-mail address but the post got deleted. An my userbname has changed :-)
Are you able to PM me with your e-mail address and I'll get in touch with you
otherwise it's paul at boydell5 . orange . co . uk

Hi paul, I have the instructions, if you post up your email addres I'll … Hi paul, I have the instructions, if you post up your email addres I'll pdf them through to youSteve

Sorry steve giving you duff info - its paul at boydell5 .orangehome . co . uk

Just started to install this shower (has been in my garage for almost 2 … Just started to install this shower (has been in my garage for almost 2 years) but cant find the fitting instruction manual. Could someone provide it please - would be eternally grateful.Thanks

Hi paul. I presume you didn't get my posting or email, I have the instructions in pdf format, if you need them just let me know, Steve
Hi Steve

Thanks for your efforts but I havent received anything from you either by e-mail or PM - perhaps its something I'm doing wrong. Anyway - all sorted now - contacted B&Q and they sent the instructions next day.

Thanks again

good stuff, have you fitted it yet or is it still in the box?, if so there's a few tips you may be interested in, also check back to the link that Mike gave for getting spare sets of top rollers, (mine are ok at the moment but I bought some spares just in case). Good luck, Steve
It seems we all have the same problems with doors rollers. Has anyone come up with an answer yet
I fitted these "proper bearings" on the top Ebay Item number:290771952319 though from a different seller who is no longer trading there so double check your size required before ordering.
Mine are still working ok, the bottom ones do no load bearing, just hold the door from springing out of the rail.
When I have to change my top ones again, it will be for dual roller cages. I will I think fit dual bottom ones too like ebay item 290771952310 but you need to get the right glass hole to roller centers remember.

I'm in the same position as others. Bought it (good price) put it in the garage and fitted it a year later. Shower mixer controls and valve now failing as well as the running gear. Fobbed off by B&Q and their supplier. No answers to emails sent to Aquamate. Moral of the story - dont buy cheaply from B&Q and expect it to last....

Not quite sure how I'm going to get round it.
Hi Steve, how long has your one been installed? I fitted mine over a year ago and as of yet, no problems but it's in the ensuite in the loft so it's only used by myself and the wife. I must admit, reading all the problems others had had, I checked and double checked everything three times when I installed it, including stripping down all of the internals and reassembling it, I also bought another set of runners from the site MikeT recommended on ebay although I haven't needed them yet
does anyone no where i can get a mixer valves for my innocence shower
Hi got same problems with wheels anyone got a solution yet
Hi someone looking to solve the problen with shower weels for this shower the anwser is with Mr Jim Clark @
showerdoorrollers.co.uk He made some for me fantastic. They wont be the same on the bottom as you have but will work better than the ones you have This is for the inoccence P shower B&Q
we purchased this shower unit two years ago replaced the seals once but have not been able to use this shower for the last 12 months the ceiling of my kitchen below the shower is all stained from the bad leaks B&Q really should take responsibility for all these very disappointed customers who have waisted a lot of money

does anyone no where i can get a mixer valves for my innocence shower

I have just taken out my innocence shower, because the tray was leaking, but the valves are in good order.
Also have spare wheel unused which I ordered some time ago, just in case.
Hopefully some folk are still subscribed to this thread. My top runner wheels are worn out again. I tried ordering a set from eBay that I thought would work but they will have to go back as no good. Has anyone managed to buy a top set of runner wheels from eBay or anywhere else for that matter that will fit without any modifications ? thanks in advance for any help if you can assist ! Cheers Mike T
Hi Mike, there as a company that sold them... i think it may have been PJH or PHJ or something. Will try to dig out invoice when i get back next weekend if u msg me and remind me. Pain in the ass shower i know, but it was cheap and mines still working fine. Runner and bottom brackets are a nightmare though and always rust and fall apart !
Hi mike had same problem tried ebay holes to small. I am waiting for same answer but thread gone quiet. cheers Steve
Been in touch with PJH or PHJ about 6 months ago they no longer stock them
Thanks squelds. I phoned PJH today. Waste of time. Told me to email the Chinese supplier but I don't hold out any optimism for a result with them TBH. Was hoping someone would have found a roller on eBay that works. May just ditch this shower and renovate bathroom but it'll be expensive due to the bathroom being designed around its unique dimensions. Will never buy from B&Q again...
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