B&Q kitchen installation problem

Found 9th Aug 2017
I just had a kitchen installed by B&Q, although the units and appliances are good and fitted well the overall end result is very disappointing as my walls are left unsightly and damaged in several areas which will need much rectifying. I paid £12 k got a kitchen and feel extremely unhappy about it as a result
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Did you mean to post in ask , as there isn't a question in your post? If just a general rant about b and q then you could move it to misc, the set up isn't always clear for people when they first join.
i assume you have complained to b and q and asked them to rectify the damage?.
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If you're paying that much for a kitchen you should expect a top professional job, I would complain until they put it right.
£12k? That must be a nice looking kitchen or a very large one.
You probably realise it now, but you should have got a Howdens kitchen and employed a local joiner to install, you would either have a superior kitchen or have saved a few pounds, or both even.

But I'm guessing your asking whether B&Q should make the walls good?

More info required as to how they've left them unsightly ;

Are walls unsightly due to badly fitted units?

Are walls unsightly due to tiles being removed?

What exactly are you unhappy with..?

Did you ask them to i.e. pay them to replace tiles etc?

Was it part of the agreement that walls should be made good?
Complain to b and q in my experience they are pretty fair as they dont want the bad publicity
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