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B&Q Price match and Screwfix direct?

Posted 15th Aug 2008
My old B&D battery drill is on its last legs, so I am in the market for a replacement. Screwfix have a deal on of a Ryobi drill, two batteries, charger, tool bag, and free impact wrench for £99.99 (screwfix.com/pro…age?source=aw). That's a good price for sure, but B&Q stock the same kit but not as cheap - so with their price match +10% I thought I'd have a bargain.

So I printed out the Screwfix page, and trundled down to my local B&Q. Showed them the print-out and they thought about it a bit. One of the guys even mentioned that it looked like a superb deal, but doubted they'd honour a price match. Had a word with a manager who said, nope, wouldn't price match as it was a bundle deal, and they don't price match Screwfix anyway as they're an internet dealer only. OK, I'll accept that they won't price match a bundle that they don't explicitly stock (although they could have put it together, they have all the individual parts), but I wasn't sure about not matching against Screwfix. I pointed out that Screwfix do have an outlet only a couple of miles away. 'Ah, but that's trade only, you wouldn't be able to just walk in and buy from them' the manager said. Rubbish, as that's just what I ended up doing.

So, should B&Q match against Screwfix or not?
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