B&Q Price Promise gives 10% off the lower price (*NOT* 10% of the difference!!)

Found 13th Apr 2009
Not sure if this has come to attention of all but it looked a great measure to cut down the price. Usually retailers give 10% off the DIFFERENCE of the price but I was given this leaflet in my local B&Q mentioning the above. Hope it helps
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B&Q totally refued to price match a like for like product for me this evening.

I wanted a price match on a kitchen.

I first asked them to provide a quote on particular kitchen, which they gave as £1,970.

I then asked them about the price promise and they told me it would have to be a written quote on a like for like product from somewhere like Homebase. Well I happened to have a quote on a kitchen from Homebase less than 10 mile away so I showed them the kitchens I had in mind at B&Q and Homebase. The assistant agreed that it was like for like and asked how much the price was at Homebase. I told him £912 and produced a written quote. The assistant thought B&Q wouldn't price match as Homebase have an offer on at the moment.

I pointed out that the price match offer is supposed to be like for like, a price match less 10% and that I had a written quote - nothing about excluding other stores quotes because they already have an offer on.

The assistant called the department manager who claimed that the kitchen in question was not part of the price promise and point blank refused to price match. I pointed out the similarities between the kitchens and that the assistant agreed that the kitchens were like for like. He maintained that the kitchen was not part of the price promise.

I said I wasn't going to argue but that I didn't accept his interpretation of the offer or agree with him as that was not stated on any of the advertising or literature around the store.

That was that.

As far as I am concerned the big adverts around the store and the leaflet I have are completely misleading. I have fulfilled all of the terms and conditions written on the leaflet. It seems that there are further unwritten terms and conditions which boil down to an individual manager's discretion. I wonder if this breaches the Trades Descriptions act?

To be honest I feel lied to by B&Q and completely conned by their advertising. Frankly, I am furious at the moment and disinclined to ever set foot in the place again. I am sorely tempted to go to Homebase and ask if they want to use my story for publicity.
I thought B&Q and Homebase sold their own branded kitchens, therefore not like for like.....no?
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