B&Q sage Green kitchen doors.

Found 10th Oct 2008
We ordered these kitchen doors back in July, we have just had them delivered and found we are missing a Pack S.

Getting onto B&Q tomorrow but are concerned that it will be out of stock/discontinued. Therefore if anyone has one going spare we would be willing to pay what ever you would like as its the only pack we are missing.

If anyone has had a similar issue have you found that they are still in stock?
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[COLOR="Purple"]are they nice??
we have ordered some, but ours don't come til nov 5th!![/COLOR]
Yeah very nice, however I think the missing door will spoil the look of the kitchen! I am just hoping they still have a Pack S in stock, it gives me some hope that they still have orders to fulfill :thumbsup:
[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]let me know how you get on...[/COLOR]
had delivery in october minus 7 doors, all pack R and S. delivery due in January and B&Q say they will satnd by all orders.

I am after a V pack if anyone has one, just want one door, ifsomeone has a surplus
I just wondered how you both got on with your B&Q sage doors. I had the same problem last year, when they delivered half of my doors. We were 13 short which were all of our glass doors. We ordered the doors and accessories in July, finally got the complete order in January. They will fulfill the orders but it`s a guess when. I can`t compain though, refitted my large kitchen for £74!!! we got them for a £1 a door (even the glass ones) and they are lovely doors. Hope your orders are now complete.

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