Brabantia 50l bin

    Hey all,

    Missed out on yesterdays offer and now the missus is convinced we need one, im not convinced we need to spend so much on a bin - but who am i to argue with a pregnant woman - ill only lose!

    Any help[ much appreciated


    Whats the cheapest youve found it? xx

    And what colour are you after? xx

    And what type of bin do you want? Theres loads! Touch Bin, Open Top, Pedal, Push Pedal i could go on and on and on! You could do with stating exactly what your after xx

    You may as well wait for the next Amazon offer, it won't be long.

    Put brabantia in the search box on here and you'll see that it is a very frequent deal.

    Original Poster

    looking for a silver touch bin ... not fussed whether is shiny or matt!

    Cheapest ive seen is £70ish

    silver touch bin 30l £29.99!!! and to add to this amazing deal, its shiny!!

    He wants 50l xx

    Its a shame because ive found the black one for £39.50 with a 10 year guarantee, unlike most ive found, only have 12 months or 5 year guarantee. And you can use free delivery code. They do sell the silver one but its £80. whereas the black is reduced to £39.50. Not sure if your interested but the link is…_-1

    They do have a silver one on amazon for £55 delivered xxx if your that desperate for silver. I personally would go for the black one for £39.50 as i previously stated ;-)

    Original Poster

    I might well go for the black one - cracking price (and find!)

    Thanks very much for takingt he time to find it for me


    Just went to add it - not in stock ... ahhh!!!

    OH MY GOD, there was yesterday!!!!! xxxxxxxx

    RCUK, it says ring the number and theyll send you one from one of there stores ;-) 08445 61 61 61
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