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Posted 29th JanEdited by:"sotv"
My 5 year Brabantia touch lid bin broke yesterday (hinge rather than catch) Started to look online for a new lid as the body is still in good shape.

Initially though it was the catch, so had a quick look on Youtube to see if I could fix it. Anyway in the comments somebody posted that Brabantia products came with a lifetime warranty, which I wasn't aware of. Went to the website and found the warranty and it was lifetime guarantee, The form asked for some details and a photo of the part number on a sticker inside the lid, even though I was unable to supply a proof of purchase or receipt and never the registered the product, filled out the form and sent it off, electronically last night.

First thing this morning Brabantia replied asking for a further photo to make sure the colour matched and once they received that 30 minutes, emailed me to say they have dispatched a new lid, with no cost at all to myself.

Really impressed, with Brabantia and this lifetime guarantee (Saved me £34). I am not a big guarantee person, usually just replace something like this, but have been pleasantly surprised how easy and quick they have been dealing with this.

Hopefully if you didn't know about this, this post may help someone in the future, who like me was unaware of the lifetime guarantee
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Thanks for sharing. Glad you got your bin sorted.
Is this all of their products?
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