Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing Table & Portable Laundry Bag Review + Giveaway rrp £120

Found 4th Jun 2013
When I was recently asked what I would like to review for Brabantia I immediately knew and suggested their new Portable Laundry Bag and an ironing table cover; they went one better though and offered me a their new Pink Santini Ironing Table!

Having owned a Brabantia ironing board for the last 20 years I was extremely impressed that it was only in the last 6 months that the cover started to fray and before you ask yes I do use it and there are four of us to iron for!
So what are the positives of the Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing Table?

Well this ironing table is extra wide unlike my old one and is therefore marvellous for ironing large items and significantly speeds up the process. Stopping to re-arrange your ironing every few sweeps really is time consuming! So I’d say this ironing table is ideal for a family’s bulk ironing.
There is a transport lock which keeps the board folded shut for safety when not in use which my old board did not have.
The height is adjustable to 4 settings – 77 – 96cm so should cater for most people’s needs.
The cover is 100% cotton with a resilient foam/viscose underlay so no risk of static.
The platform for the iron can hold up to 7kg so if you have a steam unit it’s ideal, I just have a normal steam iron but prefer a solid base to work with but the Pink Santini comes in a version with a steam iron holder with a hole in it too.
Best of all the ironing table comes with a 10 year guarantee but if my last one is anything to go by it should last an awful lot longer!

Were there any negatives?

I would say this ironing table is not be suitable for the elderly or anyone with back problems as it is heavier than a standard sized one.
Personally I like to sit while I’m ironing and this table didn’t go quite as low as my old table (about 1” difference) but I’m probably on my own on that one! STOP PRESS: since writing this post, with a change of chair to a firm one I can iron comfortably sitting down so I’m happy again:-)
So what are the positives of the Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag?

It comes in five colours to fit in with your home: Lipstick Red, Caribbean Blue, Pansy Purple, Lemon Yellow and Grey.
A large capacity of 50 litres.
Is easy to load up with washing through the wide magnetic hoops which fold over each other to form the opening.
Once the bag is full just unfold the hoops and you have a carrying handle to transport your washing to the washing machine.
The bag is so stylish that I would also use it in place of an ironing basket as it doesn’t make your room look like a Chinese laundry.
The laundry bag is made of a woven man made material which feels really robust so shouldn’t rip or tear with normal use.
The bag is supported by 2 wooden dowels inside so unlike my previous pop up style laundry bags this should last a lot longer as the wires always end up poking through and having to be binned!
There is a 2 year guarantee but again I’m sure it will last longer.

What were the negatives:

The only thing that irked me were the smiling models walking around with the Portable Laundry Bag on their shoulders. I tried this in the line of duty and believe me, you wouldn’t want to do that with any laundry in it as the wires are very unforgiving on your shoulder bone and I quickly removed it before doing any damage. I’ll put this down to a photographer who didn’t like the look of the models holding the bag but that really is the only way you would transport it!

So now I’ve told you what I think, how would you like to win your own Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing Table and Portable Laundry Bag? Brabantia have kindly offered this as a prize to my readers so all you have to do is tell me any laundry related tips you have! Share your ironing technique, stain removal tips etc so we can all learn.

For your chance to win simply fill in the Rafflecopter below.

How to enter:
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