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    Read in Telegraph today that this can be useful for all over 40's to keep brain in good condition. :w00t: :thumbsup:

    ""You're serious about exercising and keeping your body in top shape. You owe it to yourself to keep your brain healthy and vital as well. MindFit brain training software has been scientifically designed for the mature population, as well as for people of all ages, to help strengthen brain function and slow cognitive loss. Our software uses individually designed fun exercises that will help improve your short-term memory, reaction times, memory recall, eye-hand coordination and much more!""

    Sounds like the usual USA hype for a product that you don't really need BUT endorsed by a neurosurgeon so maybe there is something in it...
    Thinking of buying it as a present for someone, says it costs about £90. I would not have a clue where to look for it any cheaper. Appreciate any help please.……xml


    Don't know much abut this so take this help with a giant bucket of salt.
    But there are subscription sites that might prove better?…_up

    2 week free trial and then $9.95 (about £5) per month there after.
    At least if you don't wasnt it then you can quit.
    And £90 divided by £5 is 18months pwrth.

    Might be worth considering.

    *will work for rep*

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    Want to buy the software, or similar as a present, not a subscription
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