Brain Training & 'Educational' Games for Nintendo DS for children?

Wonder if any one can pass on their advice and experiences on this.., my two children have Nintendo ds's ( aged 4 & 8 years - the little one had to have one after my daughter got hers!)
Generally they play games alone and together, and we make sure they use them sensibly and not too much etc..... we also see how important it is in todays world ( I am sounding old!) that they are comfortable with handheld electronics....
We have games such as animal crossing, mario, sonic, dogs, but wondered if anyone had views on the brain training ones and/or any similar to that?
My little one is just starting at school looking at initial phonic sounds,and high frequency words and my daughter needs practice with spellings etc... is there anything out there for ds to help as they are so into ds's? Advice & opinions & comments very gratefully recieved!:thinking:


I've got ][COLOR=#0000ff]Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?[/COLOR] and its good, some of it might be a little hard for an eight year old - but for less than £20, its worth getting it, testing it out on yourself a few nights and then make your own mind up - you'll enjoy it for sure and you can track progress of you, your husband and your daughter - it'll be fun.

i also have brain training .I brought it for me to play on my daughters ds .She is 6 and although some of it is hard she asks us for help .most of it relies on your speed to access age but she just ignores that and just plays for fun she is getting good at it and is learning times table etc .I have heard of brain academy which i have yet to play but might be another choice .

Yep, I've got Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for my daughter and would recomend it too. It will encourage anyones thought process in relation to maths, memory, problem solving and such like in a fun way. We sit together and although it's her who is playing I see us interacting with maths with more smiles than her home work!!

i've got brain training too, its a blast. really helps with times table if you play everyday and exercises your memory. you might also want to consider big brain academy.

Anything like this for psp?.
I like the idea of brain training, but dont want to buy another game system.

[SIZE=2]I have ALL the games consoles available :pirate: and the PSP is for the serious gamer :thinking: - go get a DS Fixngrout, for the sake of £100 quid odd it'll make gaming FUN again - I promise you !:thumbsup: [/SIZE]

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Thanks everyone - something we can all benefit from I see. Will look around for best deals :-D

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Fixngrout - whilst searching for prices, this came up on Play.com as searching for Brain Training

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