How many boards do you need?

    You are building a fence that measures 4 meters long by 4 meters wide by 1 meter high. To build the fence you are given boards that measure 1 meter by 0.25 meters. If each fence post must be 1 meter apart, how many boards will it take to build the enclosure?


    64? I don't see the relevance of the spacing of the fence posts.

    depends on how big you want the enclosure to be i suppose.



    depends on how big you want the enclosure to be i suppose.

    4 meters long by 4 meters wide by 1 meter high:thumbsup:

    ok so you would need 64 vertical boards to go all the way around and you would need 2 horizontal slats per meter to nail the verticals to as the fence lenght totals 16 meters that would be 32 so my calculation is 96 if you want the sides to be solid or 64 if you want it with spaces between the uprights in a picket fence style! Thats if the riddle was about mathematics which it isnt is it because that would be too simple!

    [SIZE=6]BUT: [/SIZE][SIZE=6][SIZE=3]I get the feeling the point isnt about mathematics and that its something to do with wordplay of which I see two possible solutions which are:

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3]1) Boards are inanimate objects that cannot build and only be built with, therefore no boards can build the fence. or;

    2) You start off by saying about a [COLOR=RoyalBlue]fence[/COLOR] being built and giving measurements and finish by asking how many boards are needed to build an [COLOR=RoyalBlue]enclosure[/COLOR] for which no specifications have been supplied!!

    why would you have a fence that is four metres long and four metres wide?

    edit: are you building a fence that completely encloses something, building it as a square?

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    I don't know the answer to be honest, was hoping someone here could solve it. Only reference I can find to it is on Yahoo Answers where they work out it's not about maths but more about words but the answer is a number. It's not 64 which is what I first thought.

    I got this from one of the quizzes on facebook.
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