Brand new Canon DSLR - initial shutter count zero?

    I bought a Canon 700D from John Lewis. Right away I noticed the box seal was not in the right place on the box, and upon inspection there was a tiny amount of dust on the camera - didn't bother me too much. However, I did a shutter count check and it came up to 110 - I definitely didn't take 110 test shots, more like around 15-20. Just want to ask people if this is normal or maybe JL sold me a customer return... Also the file number of the first photo I took is "IMG_0108"

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    Obviously not brand new - someone probably returned under the DSR's.

    I wouldn't be happy and shops often sell 'opened' or 'display' models cheaper. I would want a brand new camera if I paid for it!

    If you're not bothered and happy to keep it, send them a complaint letter and request some compensation.

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