Brand new samsung 40 inch 4k for 45 GBP on E-bay - Is this the hottest deal or Scam?

    While looking for samsung 4k Tv on E-bay , I came across this deal (Brand new samsung 40 inch 4k for 45 GBP) and couple of other deals too for dirt cheap prices. Has any one seen this before. Please share your comments.


    Isn't it obvious?

    I usually say, if it's sounds too good to be true. It properly is.

    Use your head.

    Zero feedback on seller.
    I'm gonna say Legit. Go for it.

    item removed lol. I think you have your answer



    Zero feedback on seller. I'm gonna say Legit. Go for it.


    Hot. Buy 10

    Scam, look at the feedback or rather the lack of it !!

    Ask Santa if he will bring you some brain cells for Christmas

    0 feedback. Obvious scam is obvious.

    If it was a power seller, then mis-price that wouldn't be honoured.

    In any event, nobody will be getting one of these for £45 (as much as I'd like one!)

    Darn it, I brought 3 of these! Hope they all still come

    Listing removed?... probably missing a 0

    £45 is obviously a scam. Needs to be at least £48 for 40" 4k

    £45 for a box with a couple bricks in it.

    Bought ten to eBay, oh hang on... X)


    Bought ten to eBay, oh hang on... X)

    Enough bricks to build a wall... or an extention lol

    Ordered 10

    yeah, if you have to ask; you best stay indoors.



    I've ordered 30 for bootsales in run up to Christmas.
    Paid via PayPal so no worries.
    Shall await my delivery lorry.

    There is scammers all over eBay advertising TVs and the like also kids beds would you believe,easy to spot them well for some tdf12,they steal stock photos from other sellers and add them to there posts and from what I've seen watching them a few had been bought some paying £300/£400 Pounds for something they'll never see! Think before you click buy it now!

    Edited by: "brian1977" 25th Nov 2016

    That's still £5 too expensive pound an inch is fair price
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