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Found 9th Oct 2017
I've always been an Ariel detergent user but recently read an article that said that Tesco won brand scored higher in a trial so I just bought some to try (hoping it goes well). I'm also considering trying an alternative to Cushelle loo rolls, so I'm open to suggestions.

It would be nice to hear from some others about brands that you've swapped for cheaper options that are good replacements. I know for instance some of the own brands are actually "undercover major brands" anyway.
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I'm pretty much open to trying any brand. I have recently switched to nikki toilet rolls on special offer at farmfoods and they are fine. The only brand I tend to stick to is fairy platinum dishwasher tablets. I have a vast supply bought on sale and when they run out I may diversify.
I had a spell with Proctor & Gamble (Ariel, Fairy etc) many years ago (in the 80's) as a student and there was a lot of research undertaken to ensure their products are the market leaders! I assume it will be the same now. Very good products but I think the own brand ranges (which P&G don't make) have closed the gap over the the years - how good can a washing powder be??

As to Lidl and Aldi own brands - these are mainly manufactured by German companies and the quality shows! Now use Aldi's Magnum dishwasher tablets - find them as good as Fairy's etc - again, how clean does a plate need to be?

Now use Lidl's Aerocell batteries instead of Duracell - saw them perform best out of a test of leading brands on a BBC show recently.

Agree with the 'psycho....' on Nicky toilet rolls - also at Home Bargains.
nicky rolls are excellent but once you try regina you wont go back

We aren't brand loyal but we do stick with the likes of Ariel / Daz and Fairy dishwasher tablets as we find them better, kids stains removed where they don't on cheaper brands., never thought we would stop using Heinz Ketchup but Lidls is on par.

If you don't shop at Lidl or Aldi give it a try we converted to them last year, saves a fortune and time and very few brands you will know.
Asda (I think shades) loo roll by far better than top branded names.
With wash tabs I just buy whatever ones are cheapest on the shelf that week.
i stick to well established brands and avoid supermarket own brands. i have switched the following

andrex toilet tissue to a cheaper brand, regina from wilko. seems decent but still inferior to andrex, but i can put up with it as the price differential is huge and the quality differential is not.

bleach domestos to any brand as i have decided that bleach is bleach, who **** care, so i shouldn't!

but this is as far as it goes for brand downgrade for me for now.
If you are used to buying branded good and you want to swap, start small. A bag of sugar is a bag of sugar. I'd defy anyone to tell the difference once it is in your tea. Some things do taste different but the price differential makes it worth the while. Lidl mars bar replicas don't have quite as much chocolate but they are only about 10p each. It's all trial and error, but if you don't try, you'll never know.
I used to be very brand loyal but after having run out Ariel I bought the Aldi liqui tabs as a stop gap and have never looked back. I now buy Aldi's Almat liquid wash (green top with stain remover) so I can add as little or as much to the machine as I like.
Toilet rolls I used to buy Andrex but again have switched to Aldi's premium Saxon soft with Aloe Vera 3 ply.
Used to buy Cushelle and nothing else but tried Aldi 4ply pack £2.99 for 9 brilliant.
Used to use Andrex all the time, but switched to Costco otter blotter and it's far better. Plus the rolls last longer and they're cheaper.
Nicky Elite for toilet roll, make sure it's the Elite variety as the standard stuff is 2ply.
18 rolls for £4, currently 3 for £10 in farm foods which works out at 18.5p a roll

In terms of other products take £10 to Aldi or Lidl and try a a selection of the products.
Start with small things like washing up liquid, hygiene products, condiments, etc.
Iceland loo rolls. 3 ply and £1 for 4. Would not use anything else.
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