Branded MP3 - sorry its vague!!

    hi m8 just called bout buying his partner a new nano, seems its only for gym work / occaisional listening. nano seems like overkill + bit to expensive, so if any one can point me to a good deal with another make i'm sure he's appreciate it.

    required features

    2gb +
    branded, sony, sansa etc
    known seller i.e in case of returns
    £60 max ish . . .
    flash memory

    canna think of anything else

    cheers guys


    umm im just thinking off a cheap mp3's players why not one off these…227

    What about this ]sony 2gb mp3 player £62.41 from Amazon.

    The new sony's are now Windows media player compatable(no sonicstage!) and they have a great battery life of 33 hours.
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