Brasher boots should I buy ? Are they worth it

Boy are these boots are expensive £100+, but a lot of sites are selling them. Are they really that good ? I need a good pair and was looking at Karrimor Skye X-Lite Event !

I have a problem that my feet are really wide and I have high arch.

Thanks for comments


Brasher boots really are good. I have wide feet and mine are ok. Best go to a proper shop for advice and to try on.

Brasher boots have a reputation for wearing out quickly, but people buy them anyway because they are comfortable, I have Brashers and Karrimor Event boots and would choose the Brashers because the Karrimor are carp, the boots are 6 months old and leak like a sieve.

I'm going to have to buy a new pair of Brasher boots because my current pair are past repair. However they are at least 15 years old and have been used a lot (and well taken care of I may add). They are really light and very comfortable.
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