Bratz dolls-fetch much?

    I have about 8 mixed bratz dolls with additional clothing and accessories.

    I also have Talking Yasmin who, when placed on her pink crowned stand will talk and play a yes/no game.

    I have no idea what to ask for them! Do they fetch much these days? Paid a lot for them new.
    Any help appreciated. Will be listing over the weekend.


    i dont think you will get all that much hun. people want brand new or as near as for xmas and they have flown down in price recently. we got a big bag of them for free off freecycle and some brand new from 2.99 each.


    You wont get much for them, I bought about 15 dolls a big bag of clothes and shoes, horse and carriage and some other bits for £20, I dont mind buying them second hand for DD as she soon takes all their clothes off and does their hair lol!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help! I will sort them out and pop them on, if they sell they sell and if not, not!!


    You Did Put Them On I Bought And Now You Have Scammed Me Out Of My Money.great Person To Deal With. I Paid On The 23rd Novemver And Am Still Waiting.
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