Braun Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilators - what's the difference???

    Having recently seen the TV ad for Braun Silk Epil epilators, I thought I'd check out the prices online. Now I am totally confused!!!

    Does anyone know the difference between the 7681 wet and dry model and the 7781 wet and dry model?

    Common sense would suggest that the 7781 is the newest, right?

    At Amazon, the 7681 is £86.65 and the 7781 is £52.42.

    The Amazon website indicates that the 7681 is the 'latest innovation' but I can't see what makes it different, apart from the extra £30+

    HELP! xx



    i was absolutely stumped by this when in boots the other day, they all looked and read pretty much the same, also check there before buying as most where half price

    Not really what you are asking for but I can recommend this:…spx
    from Panasonic.

    I have the older version, its fab btw the only difference with the new one it get hairs as short as 0.5mm the older one is 2mm, so it depends on what you want to spend really

    EDIT if you are buying it remember it comes with a 2 pronge plug so you might want to get an adaptor if you will not be charging it in your bathroom

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks! Really appreciate your feedback. Any further advice also greatly received...

    Epilators were invented by a man.

    who had just found out his wife had been cheating on him for 3 years.

    with his brother.


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