Brawn's F1 car deemed legal by court of appeal

    Brawns car has been deemed legal so expect the others to modify their difusers and some more competitive racing from the big teams…stm


    Thats good to hear. Now get on with some racing!!

    Yah glad of that result.

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    I know there seems to be nothing but b!tching in F1 this year so hopefully thats a line under it and they get down to some competitive racing

    There should have been no other decision to come to. Excellent news, will look forward to seeing what the other teams come up with now.

    Expect Ferarri to start dominating as soon as they change their Diffuser,

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    I don't know about ferarri dominating when they get new difuser as they are even struggling againist cars with the same difuser as they have at the moment.

    Some teams will be in the brown stuff cos their suspension won't allow them to fit a difuser like Brawns

    I'm loving the little guy coming up trumps and loving these new rules its fantastic to see races be competitve without McLaren and Ferrari winning every race by a mile, its actually interesting to watch now rather than something you would flick over to during the adverts to check the progress!

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